Nowadays, the latest trend of colorful shoes is prevailing in the market. Shoes are necessary to walk miles apart, for sports and also for running or jogging. But if your shoes are uncomfortable, it won’t help you walk a few meters away from your home. Therefore, in order to avoid some serious injuries or blisters, it is necessary to consider a few things before buying sneakers.

Here are some tips that might help you to buy the right pair of sneakers from CELINE NAVY that will keep you going for a long time and make you run more comfortably than ever.

Not to buy a new pair from online stores

Shoes are things that require a great level of comfort, so buying shoes online without actually trying them before is not a good idea. You can access your comfortable level by trying a few pairs and making a comparison, which is not possible in online shopping. Online stores might provide you with an easy return or exchange option, but it is easier to try some pair of sneakers at CELINE NAVY than getting a lot of boxes at the post office. If you have just started running, it is recommended to start with a light pair of shoes with a thicker sole that gives a smarter look.

Run before making a buying decision

Various studies have shown that out of certain activities like running, walking and standing, running is least comfortable among all such activities. Therefore, it becomes difficult to access the comfort level of your sneakers without testing them. Experts suggest that running for at least 30 to 60 seconds in the store is the best criterion to check the comfortable level of sneakers you are buying.

Don’t buy shoes that fit you perfectly

People often get impressed by the style or color of sneakers and are ready to purchase perfectly fit shoes. But it is not a good idea as these sneakers will not help you in the long run in the long run. When you walk some miles with these perfectly fit sneakers, you will face various injuries like blisters and swelling in your feet. If you buy sneakers for running or jogging, then there are chances that your feet will swell more by running long distances. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a larger pair of shoes than what you typically wear.

Color also makes a big difference

While buying sneakers, the first thing everyone considers is the sole of the shoes. Well, it is essential to know that the stuff used in making black soles is similar to the product used in car tires. So, that stuff is highly durable and also very heavy. In contrast, other color soles are generally made of blown rubber, a softer and low-density material that weighs less and contains more air than black soles. Before buying sneakers from CELINE NAVY, it is advisable to consider the surface you walk on. If you generally run on a concrete surface, which often leads to more wear and tear, you must go with black soles, but if you walk on a treadmill, padded track, dirt trail or grass, then color soles are preferable.