When building your Facebook friends list, finding likeminded folks on the internet can be challenging. However, following this 5 simple steps will take you from Facebook novice to Facebook connoisseur in no time flat!

When “searching” look at professions and employers

Growing your list by finding people that are (or have been) employed in similar industries or with similar employers is a great way to increase your friend count and create a launch pad for having “something in common” to discuss. It can also be a great way to build business networking and opportunities for career news and advancement.

Take friend suggestions seriously

Facebook has one goal: build social networks for its users in order to encourage more interaction within the community. Why? Because the more time we spend on Facebook, the more advertisers will instill their trust in the social giant, thus, increasing revenue for this already billion dollar giant. However, Facebook also does their homework. The friend suggestion feature can be a great way to pick the best of the best in the social networking community. One of the important things to be considered for expanding network is followers at the profile. For increasing it, Massgress site will help the person with followers, likes and comments. The selection of the best community for enhancing the friends circle can be made.

The friend suggestion feature is programmed (by design) to find individuals with similar likes, interests and hobbies. This can save time and effort in building a network of friends only to find out that you really cannot get along after all, because you have nothing in common.

Mingle with friends

When you take time to interact with folks on Facebook by commenting on status updates, photos, notes or any of their “shares”, follow up on who else is talking to them. Many great relationships are forged out of interaction on a mutual friend’s wall.

Do not just randomly add individuals while pilfering from a mutual friends list, though. The key is interacting with the people making the comments, or posting on a wall, before sending that friend request. Then, take it from there.

Use message boards and polls

I have found many similarly minded people to add to my friend list by using the message boards and polls within the Facebook community and you can too. These resources are a great way to both intelligently debate issues and find friends who agree (or disagree) with your perspective.

Ultimately using message boards and polls on Facebook is a great way to build a network of people who share things you are interested in learning more about. In addition, being members of groups and fan pages also have added levels of interactivity, which can lead to meeting people from all over the globe who have similar interests, and quickly boost your social networking numbers.

Interact, interact, and then interact some more

A common blunder of Facebook users is lack of interaction. Either the user goes no further than the safety of his own wall, or he sticks to lurking in the shadows, not interacting with their community of fellow users.

Lack of interaction with other Facebook users will make your friend count go stagnant, and can ultimately result in several users deleting you because “you never say anything.” Do not be a Facebook wallflower. When growing your social network, plan on spending at least 2 hours per day doing nothing more than interacting and keeping up with the community.