Anyone looking to create a free music website can learn from a number of artists who have used the gudanglagu as a friend and not view it as something that is allowing free downloads of their music and lost revenue. Here are 5 musicians and bands that anyone looking to create a free music website should look up to and aspire to:


Since its beginnings, the Damon Albarn led band has always had a forward-thinking presence on the internet. Their web page is packed full of interesting eye candy, by way of videos, games, and an insight into the quirky world of the cartoon drawn band. Not too long ago, Gorillaz teamed up with Microsoft in promoting the new Internet Explorer 9, running a competition that invited fans to draw the band’s newest ‘member,’ the Evangelist. This uncomplicated interaction with their fans should serve as a great example of how best to use a band’s website to enhance loyalty and interest.

Despite the collaboration with Microsoft, the Gorillaz latest album was created entirely on the iPad and available for download from the website.


Radiohead was one of the very first to pioneer the play-what-you-want in the music business and thus formulated the model that turned its nose up at the record labels and firmly put the buying power in the hands of the people. The 2007 album ‘Rainbows’ was released purely as a digital download from their website. To further break new ground and lead the way in the music business online, they invited visitors to create their own music videos for the album, and the winning entry was sent in by someone and used as the official video.

Although statistics are not clear, it is thought that the album ‘Rainbows’ sold over 3 million copies including digital downloads and traditional sales; more than any previous sales figures and the model created by Thom Yorke and Radiohead have been mimicked and copied ever since.

Justin Beiber

Whether or not you like him or loathe him, or even if you know him Justin Beiber is a rag to riches story that anyone looking to create a music website should pay attention to. A small-town kid posts his cover versions of Usher and Justin Timberlake on YouTube with the help of his mother. He gets a lot of hits and the attention of Usher and Justin Timberlake and the next thing he knows he is signed by Usher himself for Ushers own record label and within a short space of time, he has become a world superstar with an incredible 6.7 million followers of his twitter page.

The moral of Justin Beiber? Quite simple really, get yourselves out there and anything can happen.

Arcade Fire

The music video hasn’t changed too much over the years, but what these Canadian rockers managed to do was to reinvent the music video. What Arcade Fire did was to team up with Google and director Chris Milk on a highly acclaimed and well-received interactive Internet project – ‘The Wilderness Downtown’. What they innovatory did was to allow fans to put in their own location into the video and actually see themselves taking a part in the video

Arcade Fire also broadcast their August 2010 concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden live on YouTube using the directorial talents of Monty Pythons Terry Gilliam. These are truly a band whose innovation online is much respected and being emulated more and more.

Kanye West

Kanye West is a man who understands the power of Social Media and online marketing. He is someone that is not afraid to speak his mind and his Twitter following is one of the highest in the world, with millions reading his sometimes controversial Tweets. He also gave away free tracks online each and every week leading up to the release of the latest album of his, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ Not leaving out the largest social media outlet – Facebook, Kanye West has his fans a first listen to his collaboration with Jay-Z in exchange for ‘alike’ on their Facebook page. This is a man who, like Lady Gaga who came in a close 6th, understands and utilizes the power of social media.

It is not difficult to create a free music website and the opportunities it can present can be endless. Look at how some bands and musicians have utilized the internet in various ways and you too be picking up next year’s Grammy award.