This article is going to be very interesting as it is right up the alley of some people who are hardcore enthusiasts of this genre as it takes them back to the memories of their childhood.

The corona virus pandemic has forced the federal government to enunciate a nationwide lockdown and this has been followed by nearly all the countries in the world because the death toll has reached an alarming level.

In such a tense scenario, there are certain things that can be done to pass the time in the house as everyone has been confined ever since the lockdown was announced and so we are going to look at one of the most important ways to do so.


Everyone must have played video games during childhood like super Mario, Contra, Dave the Hunter, Swat Kats, etc. are the ones that immediately come to mind but we shall talk about a different one called AFK Arena as it doesn’t immediately ring a bell when talking about the best video games.

It is a game involving action cards where there are two or more teams and you need to have some of the highest cards on the deck and only then can you hope to win the final rounds in a decisive manner.

It might give you the vibes of FreeCell, Solitaire and Hearts in the initial stages but this one is much more thrilling as it takes you on a roller coaster ride in the field of gaming that you would have rarely witnessed.

A product of the renowned Lilith Games, it has created a revolution of sorts in mobile games as it has numerous twists and turns that have to be seen to be believed where gamers can try their hand out at different levels based on their convenience.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best tricks in the book that you need to know about AFK Arena:

  • The game is not easy as you need to clear the current path from obstacles to unlock the other levels so the easy way is to concentrate on trekking and fighting the PVP battles at regular intervals
  • Once an array of army men march up for battle, give them a free hand to decimate the entire opposition by keeping the bravest in the front and the lesser ones at the back
  • Patch 1.38 Tier List as this regiment would help in identifying the best warriors that are capable enough to handle tough tasks and update the main base with crucial information from the enemy camp

AFK Arena is one that requires basic training to master within a few days so it is better to follow through on it after rigorous practice so that you can be ready for the challenges that lie in store.

The battle lines are drawn when you enter the main arena where the card game becomes more like a game of thrones in an updated format so take care to have the best weapons ready at the drop of a hat.