Lies are an inseparable part of our behavior as everyone has lied at some point in his life. Lies are good until they don’t harm or hurt anybody, but if they are causing damage to any other person, they are not good. Lies destroy relationships, especially when your partner lies to you. Everyone wishes that they could be able to detect lies like a lie detector machine. Detecting lies possible, but it is pure art, and you need to have proper knowledge and experience to get good at it.

Behavior and gestures tell a lot about a person can easily make you detect whenever a person is lying.  A person using such techniques to detect lies is known as a human lie detector or a truth wizard. Police officers and agents are trained for this so that they can easily detect the lies of criminals and solve the case. If you want to become a human lie detector, then you must know about certain tips and tricks then will help you in detecting the lies. In order to get aware of these tips it would be ideal to check out [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show] as soon as possible.

Scientific tips that help you to become a good human lie detector

Know about the major pacifiers

Human lie detectors work on the basis of pacifiers as these are the signs and gestures that help them to detect whenever a person is lying. When a person is lying or is nervous, then he shows certain pacifiers, and human detectors identify these pacifiers and detect that the person is lying. There are numerous pacifiers, and some of them are stroking hair, face touching, eye blocking, playing with jewelry, etc. Each person has different behaviors and varying set of pacifiers. So, the human detector first understands the behaviors of the person and then differentiate which gesture is a pacifier and which one of them is a part of their behavior.

Create a baseline of their behaviors

Human lie detectors first focus on creating a baseline of behaviors as sometimes certain pacifiers are part of a person’s normal behavior, which means if a person rubbing his hand or playing with his hair, then it doesn’t mean that he is lying as it may be a part of the behaviors. So, if we create a baseline of his behaviors first, then it will be easier to identify the pacifiers and detect whenever a person is lying. Most people are nervous when they encounter new people, so it doesn’t mean that they are lying. You must study the person deeply and then find out what gestures are pacifiers and which one is normal.

Relax him out

Once you have picked out the pacifiers, you need to relax down the person a bit and ensure that he is comfortable with you. Start with small talks and focus on the body language to check whether he is comfortable to not. When a person is uncomfortable, his body language is different; you can easily pick it out. Once he is comfortable, you can start asking them questions and looking out for the pacifiers, if you spot any of them, it means that the person is probably lying to you.

Asking the right questions

The science of the human lie detector highly depends on the type of questions asked to the person. If you don’t ask the right type of question, then you won’t be able to detect the lie. You must focus on specific questions as if you ask a suspicious question to the person, and then he will obviously get nervous even if he is telling the truth.

Top signs that a person is telling the lie

There numerous other symptoms that can help you to spot a person telling a lie easily and some of them are mentioned below;

No movement

Usually, when a person is nervous or lying, he freezes and shows no movement at all. When a person fears that he might get caught, his body gets still and doesn’t move much. So, if the body of a person you are asking questions to, freezes out then it means that he is trying to deceive you. Humans are like animals as when they are in danger they freeze, and their body gets still