Andorran Company…

Andorra, a small but wonderful principality that is located between France and Spain. Andorra does have its unique laws regarding everything. It isn’t that a simple task to Abrir Empresa en Andorra and for this, you might need the help of those teams which could help you with proper guidance and all sort of assistance. Even if you want residence while earning via your profession in there, you have to prove that you have about 23% of share in an Andorran company and in this case, too an efficient servicing team could help you. From the very beginning when you contact the team for their assistance and suggestions till your company starts to function, the team will be there alongside you if you have chosen the right one. 

The team will analyze whether your project will work or not and if found some issues with the project they will sort it out with you and also guide you on the coming processes. Foreign investment is very crucial for those partners of newly emerged companies who do have more than 10% of shares. Obtaining a residence permit will help you to experience and enjoy every single tax benefit of this particular company. You have to be well aware of these factors if you are about to Abrir Empresa en Andorra

Various Options For You…

  • SL unipersonal: This one is constituted with s single partners with a minimum capital share of € 3,000.
  • Unipersonal anonymous society: Here, it could constitute only one partner with a capital share of a minimum of € 60000.
  • Anonymous society: With this option, several partners could get involved with the company with a minimum share capital of € 60000. 
  • Limited society: In this case, the minimum share capital is € 3,000 and one partner will be allowed to be in partnership with the company.

Thus, various options are there for you and it is upon you to choose an appropriate one according to your interests and if you need expert advice on this too, the tea will be there for you. So be cool and work smartly along with the backing support of expert advice and do Abrir Empresa en Andorra and thus live your dreams one by one.