Afk Arena- Gaming Up The Process To Pass Time

This article is going to be very interesting as it is right up the alley of some people who are hardcore enthusiasts of this genre as it takes them back to the memories of their childhood. The corona virus pandemic has forced the federal government to enunciate a nationwide lockdown and this has been followed […]

The Video Game Industry is Split – We Have to Embrace It

“What games are you playing?” This is a common question asked by fellow gamers across the world. Many video game “purists” may say, “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,” or “Assassin’s Creed,” or “Halo: Combat Evolved.” These were the original games of top franchises in the AAA industry. They were–and are– fun and will continue […]

How I Get New Video Games For Less

Gaming isn’t a cheap form of entertainment. Consoles are hundreds of dollars and new games aren’t exactly easy on the wallet, either. What’s a gamer to do? By researching a little and being patient, there are ways to get your game on for cheap or nearly free. Xbox Rewards Program You have to pay for […]