The Gift of Gift Giving

So, I enjoy gift giving. I do. Even in this unstable economy, I savor in hoarding retail goods in my overflowing gift cabinet, located unexpectedly in the hallway linen cabinets… on your way to my laundry room– but dang, now you know secret hiding spot! Ssh! Don’t tell anyone– especially my kids. Once the kids […]

Top Four Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

Valentine’s Day is the lover’s holiday that is very special the first time around. Those in a newer relationship looking to make the first Valentine’s Day a memorable one may have no idea what gift to get their significant other. For men especially it can be hard to find a romantic gift without it being […]

Hot Gifts For The Paris Hilton Fan

I am guilty; I adore Paris Hilton! I adore seeing her beautiful face grace the front page of the tabloids, I love her jewelery line, I adore the movies she stars in. Basically I adore the girl. Shes the misunderstood A lister of Hollywood, the IT girl! She has tons of fans, and tons of […]