Social Media Management Services for Businesses

If you have any social media setup for your business, it is vital to update your social pages frequently. Social media is about connecting with people. Much like a relationship in the physical world, an online relationship requires ongoing nurturing to build trust, rapport and a strong bond. Therefore, you must engage your followers in […]

New Look for Facebook Hints of Coming IPO

As industry experts watch for a Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO), the social networking site announced major revisions to its user interface that seem designed to boost advertising revenue and through advertisement positioning and the harvesting of more personal information from users of the site. However, if you are a Tiktok fan then you should […]

Facebook Games Offer Downtime for Homemakers and Writers

It’s called downtime. Even between scheduled breaks and lunch hours, people need to decompress. But most writers and homemakers don’t get scheduled breaks. This is the real world, and most of us aren’t Peg Bundy, eating bonbons and watching soaps. For some, that’s where Facebook games come in. Well, you also need friends to play […]

5 Fun Ways To Expand Your Social Network

When building your Facebook friends list, finding likeminded folks on the internet can be challenging. However, following this 5 simple steps will take you from Facebook novice to Facebook connoisseur in no time flat! When “searching” look at professions and employers Growing your list by finding people that are (or have been) employed in similar […]