Frying foods isn’t the healthiest method of preparation, but sometimes it’s necessary to fry specific meats and vegetables to get the results you want. Crispy coating surrounding flavorful juicy meat and veggies can’t be beat, and now and then it’s a delectable treat. Fried chicken just isn’t the same when it isn’t covered in crispy coating with just the right amount of spices, and fried pork chops can’t be duplicated in the oven no matter how much you shake before baking. All of the coating mixes on the market don’t compare to genuine fried pork chops and chicken. The same goes for fried vegetables. The coating just isn’t the same when it’s baked in the oven, and when the coating falls off it’s a huge disappointment. No one wants to eat crispy oil-soaked coating scraped from the bottom of the pan.

If you’re having trouble getting coating to stick to fried foods, more than likely you’re doing something wrong during preparation. It really isn’t difficult to get coating to stick to fried foods, but it’s real easy to make mistakes in the process, and when food isn’t coated and fried properly, don’t expect the coating to stick. Consider the following ways to get coating to stick to fried foods. Your pork chops, chicken, meat cutlets, and veggies will come out crispy and fully coated every time!

Preheat the Oil

It’s very important to preheat the oil before frying any type of food. Otherwise, the oil will soak into the food, and you’ll be left with soggy greasy coating – if the coating sticks at all. Check the readiness of the oil by carefully adding a single drop of water to the pan. If it sizzles and pops, it’s ready to use.

Flouring to Make it Stick

Before dipping meat or vegetables in an egg wash, apply a very light coating of flour first, and shake off any extra. Next, scramble the egg, and for every egg, mix in about a tablespoon of milk. Dip the meat or veggies in the scrambled egg mixture, and allow the excess liquid to drip from the meat or veggies before coating it with another layer of flour. Don’t rub the flour into the meat or vegetables. You’ll only brush off the other layer, and it won’t stick. Instead, gently pat the flour onto the food before frying it in preheated oil.

Don’t Overload the Pan

Another mistake when frying foods happens when trying to fry too much at once. No matter what type of food you’re frying, avoid overloading the pan. A little space should remain between pieces of food. This way the oil will reach the sides, and the other pieces won’t pull off the coating while turning. It might take a little longer to fry the food, but it’s well worth the extra time taken with the crispy results you’ll achieve. For further information, a check should be done at the site. It will eliminate the requirement of spending extra time and efforts on the purchase of the products. The space between the body and tray will be perfect so that no hram is cause to the hand of the person.