Purchasing yourself the new mattress may take a load of energy and time – particularly when you are committed to getting the one that is perfectly right and apt for you. The size, the firmness, the plushness, the latex, or the memory foam or the springs – quite a few things to consider and look at. And, once you eventually find that suitable mattress – and you get it back home – what next? Do you ever think of that?

Well, everyone knows you would like to jump into bed as early as that mattress go on to hit a box spring and your bed is made – however, hold off, eh! Just for a minute or two. There are too many details to attain before your dreaming starts. After all, one would want their new mattress and the Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain (in case) to last as long as possible so that they can make the most of it! That’s when the dos and don’ts come into play. So let’s just take a peek at ‘em.

The Dos-

  • A mattress should well be turned a minimum of 4-time in the year. It will allow the wearer to get distributed evenly.
  • Always make use of the mattress cover or a protective pad. Purchase a waterproof pad, especially when you have pets and kids at home. The cover will go on to protect and keep the mattress away from any kind of stain and dust.
  • Protect your mattress from the liquid stuff or any other kind of fluid. Any kind of liquid, if poured on a mattress will go on to damage the foam that is inside the mattress.
  • Always keep the mattress in an open ventilated area as it will not allow any type of odor to stay in a mattress.
  • Use a sturdy and durable bed frame. It will provide good backing to the mattress.

The Don’ts –

  • Don’t let the kids jump on a mattress. 
  • Try not to sit on a corner of a mattress.
  • Don’t use detergent powder or never dry clean any kind of fluid to sanitize the mattress.
  •  Don’t keep any board in between the mattress & box spring.
  • Don’t drag, fold, or pull your mattress, it will go on to impact the foam, fabric, and cotton inside the mattress.
  • Don’t pour or drop any kind of liquid on top of a mattress.
  • Don’t take off the mattress cover when it is not needed.


Mattresses should well be handled nicely, as it’s one of the major assets that you need in your home. The aforementioned Do’s and Don’ts have a few points which will keep the mattress hygienic and durable for a long time if taken into account. This will allow your mattress to stay in a good condition even when its warranty is over. So, do follow the do’s and don’ts and keep your mattress nice and young for more than your expected no. of days, months, and years.