The realm of online gaming is all about competition. Lots of gamers are playing hard so that they can advance in the game and participate in a much challenging level. The reality is, there are so many hardcore players out there who are really good at what they do. This means that if you are a new player, it would be difficult for you to head off to the same level as they are. So if you want to advance in the game, how would you do it? The answer is through Elo boosting. But what is Elo boosting? How does it work? How would it help you in the game?

Basically, Elo boosting is the act of allowing an expert and higher-skilled player to log into your account and plat matches on your behalf so you can easily advance in the game, boost your account and develop your heroes. This is very beneficial for players who are having a hard time to go forward in the rank games. Generally, the higher the MMR or your Elo, the more tine it will require  and the more money you will need to pay. Gamers pay around 20 Euros or more for one to two ranks and hundreds to thousands of Euros for the top level or particularly rare accounts. As you may notice, this kind of system is like gambling. You have to pay for something that you are uncertain about whether it will be going to be successful or not. For serious gamers, spending such amount of money is not worthless because they are really eager to advance in the game. Over the years, the demand for ELO boosting has been rising and a lot of services like across the Internet are starting to enter the market as well.

There are several advantages of using Elo boosters. First, players will be able to easily advance in the game easily. This is because Elo boosters, as mentioned earlier, are highly ranked gamers who have advanced skills in playing the game. As such, they know exactly the process of the game and how they can beat the enemies efficiently. Second, through playing the game for a long time already, they have created strategies and techniques in the game that would be able to put their best foot forward. Lastly, Elo boosters are team players and they know exactly how to lead the team properly.

Despite the advantages and benefits of ELO boosters, some players don’t actually talk about this for some reason. First of those reason is that it can ruin the reputation of the players especially if they play for an amateur or pro team. Second reason is it breaks the conditions and terms of some online games. They could get banned from using Elo boosters because they think that this is not fair for other players who are traditionally or manually doing the hard work and putting substance on their work. Lastly, lots of boosted customers will not admit that they do spend money to compensate for their poor playing ability.

But Elo boosters and this kind of concept aren’t new to players. Way back before when World of Craft was the hype and growing faster than the share price of apple, there was a market for illegal gold farming. People pay for 100 gold un order to advance their games. Indeed, computer and online games are also a source of money and people tend to spend their money to compensate whatever skills they lack when it comes to playing games.

Since we mentioned the advantages of Elo boosting, let us also look at the negative side of it. Of course, the main disadvantage of this kind of system is that it can ruin the player experience for lower ranked players. Since experts play Elo boosting, there is no way for a lower ranked players to go up but down since they are not able to beat their opponents. This is why a lot of players believe that playing ELO boosting is truly unfair. In some games, this kind of system is not acceptable and players who are detected of Elo boosting might get banned from the game.