This is an all-natural product that helps with arthritic symptoms in dogs and you can learn about its composition by clicking here. The combination of MSM, Glucosamine HCL, and alfalfa produces a synergistic effect for symptoms such as stiffness, inflammation, and joint deterioration. Ingredients.

The products available include unique supplements for both dogs and cats, such as calmers, digestive aids, and parasitic remedies, arthritic formulas, etc. It is Esperanza’s feline formulas that may intrigue you the most if you have a finicky cat as they contain catnip! Not only is catnip aromatic and enticing, when eaten, but catnip also relaxes cats in different ways – calming the stomach and relaxing the nerves.

This premium high potency shark cartilage with an extra amount of glucosamine (a natural component of shark cartilage). Catnip is added as a digestive aid and to appeal to ‘finicky tastes’. Ingredients.

An all-natural animal health product that helps remove parasites in dogs. It is also used to help weak stomachs and digestive problems where indicated. Today with many poorly created dog treats and commercial pet foods on the market that do not always provide complete health for dogs, it is necessary to provide remedies for parasites and digestive problems. Ingredients.

This premium herbal formula helps with digestive problems and acts as a calmer for cats during times of stress. Catnip, although an excitatory herb when inhaled by cats, is a calmer and digestive aid when digested. Valerian root has been known for years as a nervous system relaxant for both humans and animals. Gingko Biloba, as well as being an antioxidant, has much scientific evidence about its assistance in the nervous system. Ingredients.

This all-natural product helps to remove hairballs and parasitic infestations within the digestive tract of cats. The common problems of hairballs and various parasites (or worms) that affect our feline friends are always a major concern for cat owners. Esperanza’s “Active Cat” solution is given with this natural food and herb combination to help cats expel hairballs and destroy parasitic worms. Ingredients.

In Your Face provides an all-natural solution to the problems of foul pet odors, especially ‘doggie breath’. Just mix a spoonful of this pleasant smelling powder into regular food to help neutralize odor-causing chemicals at their source. Ingredients.

This specialized formula of shark cartilage has been developed to meet the varied medical needs of dogs and cats, plus serve as an enhancement to health and the building of a strong immune system. The cartilage is balanced with oat flour to help with handling and to make it more palatable. It comes in special clear, handheld grip bottles with wide tops.

Many dog owners have been satisfied with the results attained using shark cartilage for many medical conditions, especially with arthritis symptoms from hip dysplasia and other joint problems as a result of osteoarthritis.

Suggested doses for dogs: small (under 20lbs) 1-2 tsp/day, medium (20-60lbs) 1-2 tbsp/day, and large (over 60lbs) 2 tbsp/day. Suggested doses for cats: small 1/2 tsp/day and large 1 tsp/day. For serious problems, doses can be doubled for 3-4 weeks. Ingredients.

This animal health product was developed to provide a high potency formula for dogs and cats which allows the full synergistic effects of shark cartilage, glucosamine HCL, MSM, alfalfa, and kelp. These have been found to be effective for inflammation reduction and to be important assistance to full joint restoration in arthritic and hip dysplasia conditions. Ingredients.

This premium quality, natural biscuits are wholesome nutritious treats, as well as excellent training rewards. Therapeutically, these biscuits may be used to introduce shark cartilage to your animal’s system or to provide an excellent vehicle for long-term or preventative maintenance against inflammatory conditions.

Esperanza’s biscuits are home-baked in small batches with low heat to maintain top nutritional value. Made with high-quality human ingredients, no preservatives, additives, or salt are added. The “Seafood” biscuits are baked with premium herring meal and are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Ingredients.

This insect remedy is made from dried sea beds, diatomaceous earth is a natural, organic non-toxic powder which provides a more natural way to get rid of pests. It works mechanically by scratching the outer shell of the insect, causing it to dehydrate and die. Pennyroyal leaf is a natural herbal insect repellant, which gives added protection to your animal and imparts a pleasant fragrance. This is a remedy for fleas, ticks, mites, and parasites from on, in, and around your animal!

Simply sprinkle the powder on the coat of the animal and rub it into the fur. It is not poisonous and will not be harmful if ingested. Please note that the diatomaceous earth used in this remedy is NOT the type sold by swimming pool suppliers as a filtering agent. This particular agent has been subjected to a heat treatment that dramatically increases its silicate content and makes it unsuitable for use with animals. Always read labels carefully! Don’t Bug Me has been formulated with the correct type of diatomaceous earth for use with animals. Ingredients.