The Faerieland Employment Agency can be a great place to make some fast NP but did you know that you can also earn a trophy from it? Well, you will need to complete thousands of jobs to get on the Leader Board but you never know when TNT will change the rules or people who are on the Leader Board will stop doing them. Right now you are limited to five of these basic jobs per day. If you want to stock up on some of the more common items that the faeries are looking for, here is a list I have compiled from the past seven days of doing quests. After this list I will have some of the high paying basic jobs that you can get and how you can make the most of the quests.

The most commonly requested items include the following items: Sphinx Links, Lemon Neodrops, Stunning Silver Ring, Pteri Kabob, Raising Young Kau, Clawmatoe, Coconut Mynci, Green Tea, Starlight Potion, Strawberry Snow Puff, Strawberry Blend Slushie, Tangy Red Melon Slushie

Confident Kyrii, Midnight Eye Shadow, Assorted Neodrops, Pink Sprinkle Doughnut, Yellow Kyrii Plushie, Large Thorn Growth, Jelly Berries, Cheese, Sourdough Baguette, Lice Rice, Small Spirulina Smoothie, Red Bean Bag Chair, Im Not Angry, Simple Red Bed, Neopian Central Dog, Simple Yellow Bed, Midnight Eye Shadow, Yam-Lime Pizza

Egg Salad and Cheese Sandwich, White Chocolate Kiko, Clawmatoe, Quiggle Work Out, Pink Sprinkle Doughnut, Small Apple Cinnamon Smoothie, Fantastic Fly Pie, Lice Rice, Neopian Encyclopedia A – E, Organic Cherries, Chocolate Moehog Coin, Faerie Kyrii Kite, MegaTon Bracelet, Sandwich, Lord Luparn, Bottle of Water, Quiggle Poetry, Radish, Blue Lutari Plushie, Tofu Bone, Spooky Doughnut

What are the quests that will earn you the most? I started keeping track of the high pay off quests and here are some of the ones that pay the highest. In order to maximize your pay out you are going to want to make sure you have the items in your possession or Safety Deposit Box so you don’t have to hit the Shop Wizard (and pay a hefty price for them). The best time to stock up on these items is during the Half Price Day sale that happens on the third of every month.

Find 2 “Neo Baseball Cap” | Time: 2 minutes | Reward: 5,596 NP

Find 5 “Fresh Baguette” | 40 minutes | Reward: 4,895 NP

Find 3 “Connect the Dots” | 22 minutes | Reward: 3,393 NP

Find 6 “Big Foot the JubJub” | 48 minutes | Reward: 5,970 NP

Find 6 “Koi Pop-Up Book” | 30 minutes | Reward: 4,200 NP

Find 6 “Orange Gummy Quiggles” | 14 minutes | Reward: 1,794 NP

Find 5 “Cybunny Down” | 42 minutes | Reward: 4,995 NP

Find 4 “Hubert the Hot Dog Salesman” | 36 minutes | Reward: 5,996 NP

Find 3 “Neopian Central Dog” | 6 minutes | Reward: 3,174 NP

Find 4 “Gift Box” | 15 minutes | Reward: 6,532 NP

Find 5 “Cratered Pastry” | 7 minutes | Reward: 4,850 NP

Please keep in mind that pay out amounts can and will change depending on the availability of items at the site. If they are given away during an event or promotion then the pay out amount will be less. One oddity that I have seen a few times is quest requests for the book “Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet”. The price on this book is 95K or higher on the Shop Wizard (when in fact there are some for that price) because of the avatar associated with it. I have seen this quest a couple of times with a pay out of about 800 NP. Someone always grabs it so either they have tons of them in their Safety Deposit Box or they are clueless about the overall worth / value of the book.

A great example of what a quest can make for you is the following:

  • Original Job: Find 3 Sponderolas in 38 minutes for a base reward of 8,994 NP.
  • Completed Job Data: Job #: 45369463
  • The job took you 0 minutes, 25 seconds.
  • You have been paid 11,143 Neopoints.

So the faster you complete a job the more you can make; even getting 8K for a quest is great but because I had another browser window open to my Safety Deposit Box I was able to cut and paste the information in to it and get it in 25 seconds total.

It was a completely new experience for me as these earnings help me regain a confidence that I did not have, similar to something like a Pokemon go spoof where all the players go all out against each other.