A rising recession has more companies looking for ways to lower their human resource cost. With the unemployment rate steadily rising at an alarming rate leaving thousands stranded and jobless. ShortTask was launched to bring about a balance in the job market by connecting work providers with problem solvers,

ShortTask was founded on the fact that there are still several jobs online that can’t be replaced with technology and need an individuals input. ShortTask is divided into two categories — solvers and seekers. Seekers are companies or individuals seeking simple tasks to complete that do not require staff-and “solvers,” or workers who to complete those tasks from home and get paid.

Tasks available at ShortTask include the following:

Researching tasks — This involves researching articles, searching for information about a service or product, finding certain dates, researching people and places, etc.    Writing tasks — This involves composing an article, service or product descriptions, forums, blogs, transcriptions, translations, editing, proofreading, and rewriting assignments.    Identifying tasks — This involves calling attention to differences, tagging images, discovering objects in images, and other crucial thinking tasks.  To assign a task, the seeker is required to have a prepaid balance so they must fund their account first. The seeker may then post tasks, acquire access to skilled workers and pay only when entirely satisfied. Upon approval of a completed task, ShortTask charges a 10% fee as commission from the seeker. Solvers, can select tasks of their choosing, complete them in the specified tome period, and receive compensation (in US dollars). They may also earn a bonus (at seeker’s discretion) if the task is well done.

Today’s era of online business, they get their tasks completed with the assistance of a computer program. At ShortTask, it’s entirely the opposite. A computer program produces the tasks which requires intelligence from a human. The service is an interesting one, where solvers are earning money by completing simple tasks which require the human touch. All the necessary information has been covered by Startupmoon for completion of the tasks provided to the students. The interest and engagement of the students will be increased with the participation. The cost will be less in comparison to the other websites or application. 

Currently, ShortTask lists more than 1,500 tasks, which are increasing at an extremely rapid rate. The tasks are simple on ShortTask many can be completed within 10 minutes. Tasks are added often so seekers should check the site frequently to get first dibbs on a task. The reward for each task varies from $0.05 to $50.00 (or more).

A downside of ShortTask is their payment requirement for withdraws which is $50.00 which ShortTask will take 10% for a commission.

You can withdraw funds once they reach $50.00 ShortTask, does take a 10 percent commission. Payments are made via Paypal. Miscellaneous tasks — Other tasks could involve validating facts about a service, commenting on a web site, taking part in surveys, or answering a question from a seeker