Golden retrievers are known as being a great family dog. They have awesome personalities and they are very affectionate and smart. They love to run and retrieve things for you. They also love being in the water. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy you can look their your local paper and there are usually puppies for sale every week. If you are wondering what color the dogs will be when they are older you can look at the coloration on the tips of their ears. Some goldens are very light in color and some have almost a red tint. No matter which color you choose, one thing is for sure, you will have a beautiful dog.

DAEAC8 Portrait of golden retriever lying on grassGolden retrievers have many different coat lengths that they can have. Some dogs have short fur and some have very long fur which almost drag on the gound below them. If you want to know what length of fur your dog will have you can look at the parents of that puppy. If the dogs are both long haired than your puppy will have longer fur. You can also tell what personality traits your puppy will have by looking at the parents. You can tell what size they will be by looking at the father and the mothers weight. Anything above 90 pounds is going to be a very large dog. Regardless, your dog will weight at least 75 pounds.

Female golden retrievers are often smaller than the males. Some males can be over 100 pounds, especially if the male was over 90 pounds

Golden retrievers are known for being a great family dog, retrieving objects, helping out the police, blind and handicaped. They have a great sense of smell and were meant to be hunters. They can retrieve birds from the water.

Golden retrievers are also very easy to train because they belong to smart breed of dogs. They can easily learn the tricks that you will teach them. This will become even more effective if you use training device like barx buddy.

Goldens will often climb into bed with you and sit next to you on the couch.

Goldens have thick fur and need to be brushed at least once every couple of weeks. You can also give your dog a bath whenever you choose. I would buy a nice quality dog food such as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet or another recommended brand. If your dog is obese you can talk to your vet about switching to a different type of dog food. You should also pick up toys and bones for your dog to chew on. I would also buy a frisbee because these dogs love to run. I would suggest teaching the dog to fetch also, while the dog is very young.

The most important thing to remember is never let your dog eat cat feces. The litter cannot pass in the intestines and your dog will eventually die unless surgery is performed. My mothers dog has had surgery twice because he was eating cat litter. He cannot eat anything else that will block him up or he will die. There are not enough sections of intestine left to have another surgery.