In order to start a career as a surveyor, you will need a college degree and an understanding of what a surveyor does.

Surveyors are logical thinkers who possess an inordinate attention to detail. They usually excel at geometry and the physical sciences and have an acute perception of space and form. Most have high-level computer skills and have learned the computer software programs that are most frequently used by surveyors.

Many surveyors work for construction companies or even for themselves as outsourced professionals to mark boundaries for construction sites and to authenticate the specifics of land deeds. Others specialize in cartography and work with all types of maps.

In order to become a surveyor, you will have to become a licensed surveyor in your state of residence. Sometimes, all this requires is a college degree, while others will need on-the-job training in order to become certified. There are jobs available on survey crews that do not require a college education. For more information, it is also advisable to look and check on some details and facts that you can get online. Visiting some of the websites of the reputable surveyor like Surveys Northeast will help you gain more knowledge.

If you are interested in a career as a surveyor, take plenty of math courses in high school: geometry, algebra, trigonometry, drafting and computer science. Become familiar with computer software programs that allow you to create 3-D objects on screen. You will also need to be familiar with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to pursue a career as a surveyor.

You will also want to become a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors, which provides certification programs at four different levels for survey technicians. The higher the level surveyor you are, the more money you can make in your chosen field.

High school and college students interested in a career as a surveyor can also participate in internships and summer jobs at construction sites. Familiarize yourself with how construction occurs and how surveyors work. In college, you should be pursuing a degree in surveying, mathematics or computer-aided drafting.

Surveying is also a career that requires on-the-job experience. In many states, you will have to work as a type of apprentice with an experienced surveyor before venturing out on your own. You can also pursue a higher degree of education in order to enter into a more specialized field of surveying, such as geological surveying or a legal records surveyor. Your options are nearly infinitesimal, and it might be a good idea to get some industry experience before choosing a career path.