Daredevil is a scrapper that plays very similar to an infiltrator and this page will tell you all about this amazing character. He is difficult to hit and very accurate. While his damage is light, he has a high chance to hit, can get bonus attacks by countering, and can deal very effective debuffs on enemies. Against most infiltrators, he is absolutely lethal, though his damage style is terrible against bruisers. Overall, he is slightly ahead of the curve in just about every category and makes a good default character for most fights.

How to Obtain – Daredevil can be purchased for 48 command points.

Special Abilities –

Blindsight – This ability makes Daredevil immune to the blind status effect and allows him to attack invisible targets. Both benefits come up rarely but are highly useful when they do and this ability basically assures that Daredevil has one of the best accuracies of any hero in the game.

Billy Club (Level 1) –

This low stamina cost ability is Daredevil’s primary attack. It only deals low damage, but also applies the combo setup debuff to the enemy, which increases the damage of the next unarmed attack that hits the enemy. The only unarmed attack that Daredevil has is Snap Kick, but many other heroes have unarmed attacks, so this can be used to set up other heroes. This attack is the attack Daredevil will use for follow up attacks against infiltrators.

Radar Sense (Level 2) –

This quick action ability has a cheap stamina cost and significantly boosts Daredevil’s accuracy and evasion. This boost makes him score critical hits more often than not and can make him nearly as evasive as Spider-Man. This should always be Daredevil’s first action in any battle and should be used immediately whenever it recharges.

Snap Kick (Level 6) –

Snap Kick has a high stamina cost for an attack that barely deals more damage than Billy Club. There are two reasons for this. First, it will deal higher damage when used against a target with the combo setup debuff. Second, it weakens the target, causing the target to deal less damage. Combined with Daredevil’s high evasion and solid defense, this makes it nearly impossible for the targeted enemy to defeat Daredevil.

Manrikigusari (Level 9) –

Manrikigusari has a surprisingly cheap stamina cost, given its benefits. It is a ranged attack, which gives Daredevil a non-melee option in battle. Additionally, the attack caused the target to be exposed, which increases all further damage against the target. If possible, this attack should be used early in order to maximize damage against an enemy.

Unlocks –

Daredevil is required to unlock the epic boss Dormammu in special operation 4. This is a limited time operation, after which he will no longer be required to unlock game content unless a future special operation requires him.

PvP –

Daredevil is not one of the best PvP characters, but he is rather solid, especially since bruisers are rarely used in PvP. His above-average attributes allow him to provide a decent challenge to most foes, as does his flexibility of attack powers. He is particularly effective against both Spider-Man and Invisible Woman, both of which are popular in PvP. Also, due to Daredevil’s high survivability, he doesn’t require a bodyguard to protect him, which means that he can be paired with more offensive characters like Hulk or Human Torch.