Have you ever craved for that poker-straight do that celebrities like to sport on the glamorous red carpet? Well now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars sitting at a salon to get that sleek, silky hairstyle. With the help of a few trusty styling tools, you can get that pin-straight hair you’ve always yearned for!

1. Wash and nourish your hair with a straightening shampoo and conditioner. I recommend Frizz Ease Straight Ahead shampoo and conditioner because they can prep and soften your hair very well. To get the most out of your conditioner, squeeze the water out of your hair before conditioning. This will give the conditioner something to cling to and prevents it from sliding right off your hair.

2. Comb your hair to get rid of all the knots and then apply a straightening balm, gel, or mousse using your fingers or a comb. I recommend Tresemme Thermal Creations Straightening Gel as its heat activated system can help you tame your unruly hair. Carefully work the gel into your hair from roots to ends.

3. Towel dry your hair. It is better to blow dry hair when it’s damp rather than when it’s dripping wet. Next, apply a heat protective spray from roots to ends. Take out your trusty blow dryer (the Revlon Ceramic Blow dryer has worked wonders for my hair), some hair clips, and a paddle brush. Start dividing your hair into 2-4 inch sections. Clip up all the sections in the front with your hair clips and start working on the strands in the back as the hair in the back tends to wrinkle easier.

4. Attach an air concentrator to your blow dryer and make sure your blow dryer’s set to medium heat ( a setting too high or low can damage your hair or cause your hair to frizz).With the dryer pointed downwards, hold it above your head and allow the air flow to move down your hair strands. This will help smooth your hair and give it a more silky finish. To anchor your hair, use the paddle brush while you’re blow drying. Cool each strand of hair after blow drying to set in the style. Repeat the process on all sections of hair.

5. To have a balanced blow dry, make sure that all parts of your hair are equally damp. So if one side of your hair dries while you’re working on the other side of your hair, put a bit of hair spray on it to keep it damp.

6. After blow drying, spray your hair with another layer of the heat protective spray you used before the blow dry session. Once again, divide your hair into 2-4 inch sections and clip the strands up.

7. Take your pick of any hair straightened (I recommend one with ceramic plates as these straighteners tend to give a more sleek and shiny finish) and program it to a medium heat setting. Take a strand of hair and slowly slide the straightened down the shaft. You might have to do this several times depending on the texture of your hair. Try to straighten the bottom sections first before moving to the upper sections. Repeat this process until all your hair strands have been straightened. Apply a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz gel to hold the style.

Voila! You hair should now be straight, sleek, and beautiful and you can stun the crowd with your dazzling hairstyle. Although this method can work wonders on my hair and it’s the culmination of years of experimenting and a great amount of professional advice and research, the effects of it will vary from person to person. However, I can insure you that this method will at least smooth and tame your hair no matter how unruly it is. You don’t have to follow the instructions step for step. Experiment with it and you’ll find the perfect style that’s just right for you!