When it comes to the topic of health and fitness, there have been many important discussions where these two are considered the ultimate of any person as it means that your body is fit and fine.

Luckily, current generation youngsters are smart enough to realize the health hazards right from a young age as they are seeing their parents grappling with both health and age related issues having neglected it in their youth.

Therefore, most of them have completely immersed themselves into fitness by hitting the gym and have developed bulging muscles in their mid teens and adolescence, which is a step in the right direction as they are setting a good example for future generations.

Puppy Health

The current situation is such that even the healthiest of people are falling prey to the deadliest diseases known to mankind and the main reason for it is that the three basic necessities of life, that is, air, water and food are replete with pollutants and harmful substances.

So how can animals be safe from it and this is why we are going to touch this sensitive topic of keeping your dog pets in good health. It has been found in a recent survey that pet dogs are most vulnerable to diseases due to their small size and low absorption power.

Dogs with a flat face are quite prone to cough and cold especially during changing season and that is the perfect time to take extra care of them as their health is the most at risk even with an ordinary sneeze.

Such breeds are mostly found in the United Kingdom and Western European countries and are said to be from the Brachycephalic and everything is flat for them right from the face to nose, which is quite a unique characteristic as squashed faces are associated mostly with cats.

It is important to keep it in good health right from its puppy age so that it can be trained and get used to all that is fed to the pup so that it won’t throw tantrums when it grows up.

Term in Question

Most people are not aware of what brachycephalic means as it is not a widely used terms. It is the name given to a veterinary industry and more like a scientific name that is used for dogs with a flat face and snout nose.

Veterinarians are of the opinion that most dogs need to be well cared for, which includes stray puppies that don’t have a family to look after them and therefore it is the duty of social rights activists for animals to take them to centers and take care of them right from a young age.

Clearing the Confusion

There are many house owners who are confused about when their dog is ill or is facing some health issue because unlike them, dogs cannot convey their thoughts through speech but through barking.

It also doesn’t help is that house owners that have bought dogs are not familiar with their lifestyle and have queries like what does it mean when my dog’s nose is warm?, which is nothing to worry about and it is a natural phenomenon as all dogs have noses that keep fluctuating from being hot to warm to cold.

Regarding health issues, the usual complaints that dogs face is that they fall sick with a change of season and the first symptoms that can be seen in them are the regular cough and cold, which gives way to a running nose.

They are seen as the first tell tale signs that your dog is about to fall sick and you should start taking it seriously before things start going out of hand. So we are going to mention some other issues to make people aware:

  • Dental Problems- Dogs have sharper and pointier teeth than humans and therefore they can chew with a lot more aggression than humans but some of the food gets stuck in their teeth which slowly accumulates bacteria and gives way to infection
  • Skin, ear and eye deficiencies- Most flat faced dogs have these three issues once they attain puberty when their skin starts developing rashes and they lose the ability to see and hear