Portable AC is the best choice for all rental properties as it is easy to install and use. Plus, you can easily move the unit from one room to another, and you can also use it as supplemental cooling for the central HVAC units. But to reap its maximum benefits, you must use the unit right way possible. Below are a few helpful tips on how to use the Portable AC efficiently for maximum cooling efficiency.

Straightening Exhaust Hose

Every Portable AC unit comes with exhaust hose as it is used to vent out the hot air from the room via sliding doors, windows and drop ceiling, and hence it is necessary that it is straight always without kinks and twists in between. You must avoid extending the exhaust hose and ensure that it remains as short as possible for maximum cooling efficiency in the room. Most of the exhaust hoses come in 5-7 feet in length, and you must offer enough room to reach the optimal venting area.

Close Doors Always

Portable AC tends to work efficiently and makes the environment comfortable and cool when used in a closed room. So, ensure that the doors and windows in the room are closed while using the Portable AC. It ensures that now hot air is introduced in the room, and the cool air continues to circulate across the room for better and maximum cooling efficiency. 

Start Early

It is a smart move to start the Portable AC earlier, at least one hour before you actually need to use it. It is efficient and effective to turn the AC on during the early morning and late afternoon for maximum cooling as the temperature is low during these times of the day. So, the Portable AC would work efficiently to circulate cool air in the room and make the environment comfortable for you when entering the room. 

Turn Off the Unwanted Heat Sources

It is important that you cut off all the heat sources from the room. Unnecessary sources like electrical equipment, light bulbs and more emit heat, and you must turn them off when not in use. Keeping them on may make your Portable AC work harder, and as a result, it would consume more energy to cool down the room, and you may end up paying more money for cooling the room. 

Keeping the Unit clean Always

It is important that you clean the Portable AC regularly for better cooling efficiency and keep it performing for years to come. Like all other appliances in your home, Portable AC also needs regular maintenance. There are a few areas that you must check regularly and clean it whenever needed. 

You need to wash the filters regularly using mild detergent and since it with water and left to air dry before putting it back to the unit.

There are many other tips to use the Portable AC efficiently, and for more details, visit the website of https://consumertrustedreviews.com/portable-ac/ where you will find the helpful guide to use Portable AC along with other maintenance tips.