I would like to start off by saying that their are many Home Improvement blogs out there and many of them are great. But who has all day to sit around searching the Internet for home improvement ideas? Not too many are able to so I decided to gather up what i think are the 10 best ones out there. Please note that we may share different opinions so I took the liberty of addressing just about every topic in home improvement. If you want the links they will be in the source in the same order.

The macho number 1……..I have to give this number one slot to a blog on remodeling your apartment. It shows many detailed pictures of various homes that have been made over by their owners. They are creative fun and just totally amazing to look at. If you are looking for ideas for a home makeover then you need to have a look at what these people have done. You can follow the link here if you like.

The amazing number 2……(And no I don’t mean the one you do in the bathroom for you outside the box thinkers). I have to give this slot to a blog posted on Home Improvement Place. It is called Remodel Attic and it talks about remodeling that cramped attic you have been dreaming of remodeling into a spare room. This blog has amazing photographs for those visual people and it also triggers those great ideas to come out of head to make it personalized.

Now number 3……..This slot can only go to one blog and this is the only one that comes to mind for this special

slot number. i have to give this one up to DIY Guides. They have numerous of blogs on their site and some of them are really great unusual ideas. But to narrow it down I will say the number 3 blog goes to a blog that goes in to detail about installing pavers. It is a good basic blog about installing them. Even the outside needs change sometimes.

Number 4 for free……(Had to throw in a tongue twister). Do you have spiders in your house? Well some people do so here is a dedication to them. It is a blog about how to get spiders out of your house for CHEAP. So if you are looking to save a buck and need to remove some pests this is the one for you. Good luck with the spider problem too.

Halfway Between O’ number 5…….Are you having trouble with the wiring in your house? Looking to fix it yourself? Then I have found a blog just for you. It is a blog about electrical tracer tools. It is good to read if you are planning on working with those pesky wires. Nobody wants to get electrocuted.

Reliable number 6…….Do you have a window in your shower? If you do then your window could be suffering from damage from the water. I have located a blog telling you how to waterproof your windows and save yourself from future window replacement or worse.

My favorite number 7…….No one likes to experience a stopped up toilet so I have located the perfect blog to help you with ways to unclog that disaster in toilet. Mess free ways are always appreciated when it comes to dealing with the toilet so these are some of the best ideas out there. This blog will take you step by step so you can’t mess up.

I am sure you can count but yeah it is number 8…….This is a blog for people struggling with wallpaper that is falling off in places or lifting up. I have experienced this problem myself and wish i would have come across this myself when i need it. If you are looking to find out how you can fix your wallpaper with messing it up worse. It is great for inexperienced people working with that big hassle of a job (wallpaper that is).

Patiently waiting number 9……. i have to give this one up to a guide about installing a new breaker in your main panel. This can be a challenging job if you do not have proper training and can be expensive if you pay someone else to do it for you. So go ahead and check this blog out so you can get an understanding about what you are doing. No one wants a visit to the emergency room.

Finally number 10……Last but not least the number 10 spot has to go to a blog explaining how to deal with house floods. Many floods happen each year and you may be struggling with the damage after wards if you don not have flood insurance so this is a blog dedicated to help you stay away from paying thousands to have it fixed by someone else.