Good days and bad days, what are they actually? The definition of good and bad vary by individual interpretation. It is difficult to establish what a good day is and what a bad day is. When making this type of statement, the astrologer is wise if they have first reviewed and made a through analysis of the individual’s horoscope and the position of the benefic and malefic forces and planets.

Benefic planets and forces are believed to exert a favorable or beneficent influence. Malefic planets and forces are believed to exert a malignant, evil, or negative influence. If on a certain day, a benefic planet comes in to the same degree that a benefic occupies in the birth or horoscope chart, then good results will follow. If a malefic force comes into the same degree as a benefic, bad results may occur.

The same holds true for malefic planets and forces. If a malefic planet or force comes into the same degree as a malefic occupies then considerable trouble will occur. If a malefic planet or force comes into the same degree of a benefic, then bad may occur. Proof of this theory was confirmed in the analysis of horoscope charts completed on the world leaders involved in World War II. It was extremely noticeable those who had malefic transits over their birth planets, during this period, exhibited more evil actions against others than those in a benefic transit. To offset the malefic effects and encourage the benefic influences of the planets early followers devised talismans. For a successful married life, there should be horoscope matching to get the effective results. The effects are great and influence should be excellent to meet with the requirements. The results are great with taking the right decision. The actions of the person should be great for matching the perfect partner. 

Many astrologers do make predictions; others refuse because of the large margin for error, and others still others refuse because they consider that it may undermine individual responsibility. It all depends on whether the individual is living by the sun or moon of their horoscope, the laws of their individual fate or on their carnal nature.

Astrology shows us that the planet Mercury rules the mind. We all know that we reap our rewards according to the way we use our mind. If Mercury approaches the planet Mars, we can use this energy to be destructive, or we can use the energy to do something constructive. If Mercury travels to Saturn, we can be melancholy and mean, or we can use the force of Saturn’s rays to help us concentrate and delve down into the structure of a thing. It all depends upon how we discipline our minds, just what we will do when our planets move.

You have read what information Astrologers use to determine good and bad days. Based upon the data used to determine the cause and effect, there is no doubt that good and bad days can occur in our lives. We also know that the evolution of the individuals mind establish the effect malefic and benefic transits will have on them. The less evolved the mind, the more it responds to adverse planetary vibrations. Fate is not the ruler but the servant of Providence…In other words, good day-bad day, you determine because it is up to you.