Nowadays, most of the Chinese families were being restricted to give only one birth per couple. This is the government’s policy to reduce the overall population. However, it also does a great deal of help to the Chinese’s wealthy management. The reason is quite simple, one family with a low income will have a really difficult life with too many children. The follwoing is the story I found from a very common Chinese family in the morden Shanghai.

The family I have visited is a very young family, both of the parents were born in 1980s. The husband is called Jim Lee and the wife called Yue Wu. Both of them recieved very good education from primary school to university. Their salary is around 250 US dollars per month per person. The man works as a salesman while the wife works in a hospital. They have started their family three years ago and now they have a small flat in downtown Shanghai. But it is one of the oldest buildings in town and were about to destroy by the government soon. They got this apartment from their both parents support, which means they do not have to pay rent in this expensive city. The normal room rate in Shanghai is about 200 US dollars, which can wipe out one of the couple’s salary.

For a modern Chinese family, the most important thing is a house. It is almost equivilent to the value of a family. If the couple failed to obtain a house after three years of marriage. The rate of divorce will be very high. Despite the rental cost, Chinese always have a very high phone bills. The telephone and mobilephone business in China were owned by only two state owned companies. That’s probably why it is quite expensive compared with the western world. Jim’s phone bill is around 50 US dollars per month while his wife spend 20 dollars per month. This is an effort after using internet as their main communication tools. Although internet itself cost them 10 US dollars each month. For the food, the young couple works six days out of one week. Both of their company paid them food for keeping them to spend more hours in the office. So, in our example, they have managed to spend only 40 US dollars for food. This is considering their spending in a resturant. Thank God, the Chinese food in China does not as expensive as it is in the western world and has a better taste as well. After spending money for this necessary cost, the couple’s entertainment is very bad, almost zero. They never go out to see a film intead watching low quality internet movie at home. They have two TVs in their home and they are always turning it on.

No entertainment, low food cost and zero rental cost, that’s how a morden Chinese couple live in the 21st centry. Believe it or not, there are surprisingly a large number of Chinese young couples that are living like this despite how much money they make. It is probably enough to explain why the Chinese has produced a lot products to export. The Chinese just don’t simply spend their money on shopping. They don’t care about material things. As long as they are comfortable and can eat healthy food everyday, they are totally fine. Dollar euro and other currencies don’t affect them at all.