CBD oil has been doing the rounds for quite some time now in the wellness industry. Those who have not delved into the CBD realm, often have several questions about the oil component and its effects. So, how does one actually feel like after consuming CBD? Does he get that euphoric high that one gets after smoking marijuana? Does his body and throat dry up? Or are there actually health benefits of CBD oil? Well, for those wondering about effects of CBD oil, the post below would be an eye-opener.

CBD oil doesn’t make you “high”

 CBD oil is often mistakenly used on a similar note with weed. For those uninitiated, although weed and CBD are taken from same plant yet they aren’t same. Put simply, you won’t experience that euphoric high that you experience with weed. It’s because CBD does not contain much of THC- the main component for those psychoactive effects common with weed. As per the legal regulations, CBD oil can contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

It keeps you relaxed

CBD oil does take you to mind-altering experiences. Most importantly, the oil helps you to de-stress and relax. 

You must know our body contains a neurotransmitter network which is called “endocannabinoid system”. The Endocannabinoids govern a wide range of body functions such as digestion, sleep or pain. It’s to note here, the entire Endocannabinoid system can get dysregulated when one is under acute stress. But CBD oil works to prevent overt-stimulation of CB1 receptors by increasing endocannabinoid production by the body. As a result, when you use CBD oil, your body experiences a sense of calmness, peace and relaxation. No wonder, CBD oil is largely suggested to deal with anxiety issues. In fact, CBD oil is an excellent remedy for all kinds of anxiety issues. You can Visit site cbd site for further information.

Multiple health benefits

CBD oil is rich in a wide range of health benefits. We have already discussed the oil is a great help to combat stress and anxiety and enjoy mental wellness. Additionally, the CBD oil promises a good list of physical health benefits as well-

It’s to note here CBD oil carries great analgesic properties. As a result, the oil helps to deal with serious inflammation and acute pain in the body. Whether you are suffering from arthritis or Multiple sclerosis or back pain, CBD oil would be hugely effective. Besides, CBD oil has also shows to lead to shrinkage of cancerous tumors. Other than these, CBD oil is a very effective remedy for epileptic patients, especially child patients.

Different types of CBD oil

All CBD oils in the market are not same and there are three main divisions to take note of-

Full Spectrum

This kind of oil contains all original terpenes of the plant as well as other cannabinoids including THC.

Broad spectrum- It’s an almost similar version of the previous one but has got the THC component removed.

CBD isolate

As the name says, this is a thoroughly filtered product and does not contain flavonoids, terpenes and other harmful cannabinoids. With 99 percent pure CBD, CBD Isolate oil is the best for your health.

Just make sure to consult your physician  for the dosage if you have plans to include CBD oil in your wellness routine.