If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Orange County, CA you may have spent considerable time in figuring out what to do about your damaged car and even on an accident lawyer. Most people however, spend little time thinking about themselves and which doctor to see for treatment. Seems simple enough, you have an employer provided HMO plan, or you have a long-time chiro that you’ve seen in the past; you’ll just call one of them. Choosing the right doctor is just like choosing the right oakwood legal accident lawyers for you. It is also important to consider lots of factors before coming up with the right professional to help you with your situation.

That Could Be a Big Mistake. Here’s why…

Generalist doctors like your HMO primary care physician or your general chiropractor CAN treat car accident injuries and probably do, however their thin knowledge of the specialized field of auto accidents may leave you short changed. There are rules and conventions of diagnosis and treatment that must be adhered to for maximum recovery of your injuries and your case settlement. Ignore these rules and you will suffer, either medically or financially. Most generalist doctors are clueless to these rules. Many believe they know how to handle these cases because they often have in the past, but sadly they perform under par because the rules are always changing.

Questions to ask your auto accident treatment doctor…

  • How often are they called upon by other professionals in the field (lawyers, other doctors, insurance companies) for their expert opinion on difficult cases?
  • What specific training have they had that equips them to treat car accident injuries? (This specific field is NOT taught in any medical or chiropractic colleges. )
  • How much experience do they have treating auto accident victims?
  • Have they authored books or articles on the subject?

A true auto accident doctor specialist is one whom:

  • Has extensive specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries
  • Has extensive knowledge of the legal aspects of auto accident cases and can testify as an effective witness on your behalf
  • Has dedicated him or herself to ongoing education in the field of car accident injuries
  • Has articles and or books, seminars, etc on the topic of whiplash and car accident injuries to educate the public and other professionals
  • Has the facilities to provide cutting edge car accident diagnosis and treatment using the latest knowledge
  • Is willing to provide free consults to determine if you are injured and what the best course of action is for your particular case
  • Has a long list of other professionals to refer you to including orthopedists, neurologists, attorneys, MRI centers, etc

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Orange County, CA you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a car accident doctor. Below are the qualifications of a car accident specialist near you.

  • Has successfully treated thousands of car accident injury victims since 1986