Many people never add additional hardwired light fixtures because they assume that they cannot install light fixtures themselves. Furthermore, this means they would have to spend money not only on the light fixture, but on an electrician to install said fixture as well. Fortunately, this isn’t true and with a little bit of know-how, anyone can install a new fixture in their home, including wall sconces.

Tools and Materials to Install Wall Sconces

To install wall sconces, you will only need a few tools. You will need a keyhole saw, a drill, lineman’s pliers, a pencil and a screwdriver. For materials, you will need the wall sconces themselves and fish tape.

A Basic Overview: How to Install Wall Sconces

Author’s note: whenever working with electricity, always be sure to shut off the electricity at the source at your power box. It is vital you shut off the electricity prior to working, as you can be severely shocked, burned or worse, death can occur, when working with live electricity.

To start, you’ll need to mark where you intend on installing your wall sconces. They should be mounted a minimum of five feet off the floor and a minimum of six (up to a maximum of eight) feet off the floor. Use your pencil to mark the desired location of your wall sconce.

You can use your keyhole saw to cut out the holes for your wall sconces. If your wall sconces did not come with a junction box, you will need to purchase these separately. You will run the cables through the holes and leave several inches on either side for later use during installation.

Strip the wire insulation for your cables and attach them to their designated areas on the wall sconces as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then, wire the cables at the other end to your light switch.

You can tuck the remainder of the wire into the sconce boxes and then install the mounting strap for the wall sconce. Once the mounting strap is in place, you can install the wall sconce itself to the box. Then, secure your switch and reinstall the cover plate.

Once everything is place, you can turn the electricity back on and test your new light fixture.

As you can see, installing a new light fixture does not necessarily require the help of a professional. However, if you find yourself stuck at any point or unable to perform a task, it’s best to consult a professional to complete the job. Remember, this is only an overview of how to install a wall sconce and does not necessarily include every instruction necessary for installing the fixtures. Always consult the instructions that came with your chosen wall sconces for exact information on what may or may not be done when installing the fixtures.

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