The very first thing to do is to figure out what pictures you would want on the video scrapbook. Once you have decided to gather all the pictures up so you will have them all together in the order you want them. My favorite program for us to make a video scrapbook is Microsoft PowerPoint. If you already have the pictures you want to use in a file on your computer then you are doing great. If you don’t have a scanner to do this then you can scan them in a Wal-Mart Photo Center or somewhere like that. It’s best to have a scanner though because they come in handy especially if you love doing this sort of thing. If you have PowerPoint go ahead and open it up and you should see the first slide. It will probably have two text boxes one which says click to add title and the other which says click to add subtitle. 

Now I like starting with a blank slide so go to the tab Getting started on the right side of the screen and click on the down area. From this, you will see a drop-down menu and scroll down to Slide Layout and click that link. This will show you different types of slide layouts. You want to click on the blank slide layout. Once you have done that you are now ready to start putting pictures in. However, another effective and quick way to create a PowerPoint presentation from your pictures is to use project scope ppt that offers you a wide variety of templates that you can use in order to create amazing and beautiful PowerPoint presentations. 

If you are scanning them place the first picture face down in your scanner. Now at the top of your toolbar, you’ll see Insert. Click on the insert, scroll down to Picture, and click on from scanner or camera. If you already have them on file then just click on the file and find the picture you want and hit insert. If not when you hit the “From Scanner or Camera,” it will bring a pop-up and hit custom insert. You can choose whether you want to preview if you are not sure if you have placed it correctly or if you are sure you can just hit the scan. If you did preview make sure you hit scan to place the picture inside the slide. For some, you might have to adjust the resolution of the picture to make sure it is coming out as best as possible. Now your picture is placed and you can crop or increase the size of the picture. Just a tip when increasing the size of the picture make sure you pull from a corner not from a side because this will make the picture distorted if you do. Of course, the undo button is your best friend in the case that you do mess up.

Now for cropping go to view and make sure your toolbar has the “Picture Toolbar” checked. If not check it so that the cropping tool will come up. The Cropping Tool is seventh from the left in the toolbar. If you scroll over it, it will say crop. Click on it and it will bring it up on the picture you have chosen to crop. You can then crop from there and size your picture accordingly. There is a lot of things that you can do to a picture like make it fade in and out and I’ll go briefly thought that. Right-click on the picture you want to change and scroll down to custom animation. It will bring up the side panel for custom animation. Click add effect and find the effect that you like. You can change the speed of the effect on the side panel and timing as well. The effect will show up in the box in the side panel. Under the Start modifying button change the effect to “With Previous” so that the effect will come when the slide comes up. Now to add another slide hit insert in the toolbar and then new slide. You do the same thing over and over again until you have all the pictures you want in the slideshow. You can change the color of the slide just by right-clicking on the slide and hitting the background. You can also add words and customize the effect on it as well. Once you have it all ready now you are ready to work on the timing.

Now right click on the slide and click on slide transition. It will pop up on the side panel as well and go down where it says advance slide. Here you need to click on “automatically after” and it will bring up where you can pick how many seconds you would like the slide to be viewed at. You can play around with it and see which works best for you. You can apply it to all slides or do each slide individually timed. It’s all totally up to you. Now make sure you save it so you can find it. Now you’ve made your very own slideshow. It’s great for weddings, birthdays, or just to remember those wonderful memories.