CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is an increasingly popular health supplement gaining traction in the Canadian market. With its range of potential therapeutic effects, it’s no surprise why more and more people are turning to CBD Canada for their needs. But how exactly do you use this versatile product? Here’s a quick primer on everything you need to know about using CBD oil.

Before we get into the specifics of using CBD oil, let’s take a step back and look at what it is. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in cannabis plants (both hemp and marijuana). Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found in cannabis plants, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects or feelings of intoxication when consumed. Therefore, Canadians who wish to benefit from CBD without a “high” can do so safely and legally with federally approved products derived from hemp or cannabis strains with low THC content (<0.3%). 


Types of products available 

When it comes to using CBD Canada products, there are three main types: oils/tinctures, edibles/capsules, and topicals. Let’s take a closer look at each type: 


CBD oils are the most concentrated form of cannabidiol available; these liquids are usually administered sublingually (under the tongue) by dropping small doses directly on the tongue or by adding drops directly to food or drink. Oils are packaged with droppers for easy measurement and dosing accuracy. Depending on their strength and concentration, they may require different dosages when taken orally. 


Edible products such as capsules or gummies provide a convenient way for users to access the benefits of cannabidiol without having to worry about calculating dosages or accurately measuring tincture droplets. They also often taste better than oils! Be aware, however, that these types of products tend to have longer absorption times, as they need to be digested before the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream – meaning it could be up to 45 minutes before you feel the full effects of your dose!  


If you prefer something more topical, look into CBD oil-infused creams or lotions! These topicals allow you to apply directly to desired areas such as joints or muscles, providing localized relief from inflammation and pain caused by arthritis and soreness. Simply massage into the skin until completely absorbed – no mess necessary!  

Dosage Considerations 

No matter what type of product you choose to try first – oils/tinctures, edibles/capsules, or topicals – proper dosage should always be considered when using cannabidiol products. Starting slowly with lower doses (10-25mg) is recommended, after which users can gradually increase their intake over time depending on how well their body responds. Dosage requirements will vary between individuals, so it would be wise to consult your doctor beforehand if needed!   

Safety considerations when using CBD oil 

Finally, beyond simply knowing how much CBD Canada should I use? It’s also important to understand the safety considerations associated with taking this product. For example, those who may have underlying medical conditions such as liver disease should speak with their doctor before beginning any treatment plan involving cannabidiol use – even if it’s only occasionally! Also, it is best to avoid driving after taking high doses, as cannabinoids can cause some sedative effects that could impair judgment behind the wheel. Lastly, always make sure you only purchase from quality verified sources as this ensures purity & potency levels remain consistent throughout the entire bottle!  


The bottom line      

Overall there’s a lot to consider when deciding to start using CBD Canada such as finding out what type of product best suits needs, understanding proper dosage requirements, safety considerations, etc. Hopefully, this primer has provided some helpful insights to get you started!