Writing an ad copy that stands out and leaves an impression on the audiences is a no mean feat. As a consumer, we see innumerable hoardings all over trying to catch our attention and impress us. Not just in the traditional display advertising like hoardings, or banners, we see a number of eye-catching ads while surfing internet, whether you are visiting a website, or checking your mail or social networking account, or an promotional email from an marketer trying to catch your attention. What makes some of these ads stand out from the rest, which actually succeed in making an impact on customers, is a question that intrigues marketers.

What benefits will I see if I buy Instagram Views? Plenty of benefits are provided to the people while purchasing the likes and views. The quality of the content is checked before purchasing the views from the reputed sites. The spending of the time and money is with the intelligence of the business people and get the benefits. 

Here are a few tips on writing that killer copy for your ad whether you are using an offline or online medium:

  1. Understand Campaign’s Objectives: Before you start writing your ad, firstly understand the objectives you are trying to achieve through your campaign. Are you trying to create awareness for your new launch, or promote your existing line of products? Are you running a contest or a promotional offer that is limited by time? Do you want your customers to sign up to your newsletter, or buy a service? Getting an idea of what you are looking for, it would be easier to write your copy by using relevant words or phrases to make your ad more attractive and effective to customers.

  1. Positioning and Core Message: This is the most factor to consider for making a successful ad copy. Your positioning strategy will decide what message you are going to convey through your ad. Decide how you are going to differentiate your product from that of the competitor’s. It’s very important to have a positioning strategy else you wouldn’t be able to clearly articulate how and why you’re different. What is it that sets you apart from others? Is it Price, convenience, customer satisfaction? Center your ad copy on this core message, and create a copy that delivers the message in the best possible way. Without a core message, your ad will look vague, bleak and simply ineffective
  2. Keep it Short: Your ad text must be short and specific. Your headline must be catchy and must convey your core message. Don’t use too many words or be overly verbose. Ads that have long headlines or text are simply too much to read for customers, and are outright ignored. So don’t stuff too many words on the headline or text.

 Use simple language: Unless you are targeting a very niche segment, keep your ad language as simple as possible. Users wouldn’t understand any use of technical jargon or literary language. Use words that majority of people can connect to. Keep your communication conversational in nature that users can easily follow and relate to.

  1. Highlight Main Points: Without using too many words, include all important features, benefits of your product that deliver the key message of your ad. If you are competing on price, include prices, promotions, discounts that will attract customers. If you offer convenience, tell your customers what unique features allow you to do that. Ensure that you cover all important points, keeping the text limits in mind too.
  2. Call-to-Action: Last but not the least; don’t forget to tell your customers what they should do next. Give your customers a link to click in case you are running an online display ad; include Call-to-action buttons like Buy Now, Get a quote now, Sign Up Now, Call Now! If running an offline ad, give details of your website that people can visit, contact numbers that people can call to know more about you. Clearly communicate what steps you want the customers to take further. Direct the customers to the relevant page on your site that mentions all the details of your product or service.

Writing a compelling as copy, that sells, is as much an art as it is a science. Keep the above points in mind to get you started, and write ads that not only sell but also create impact on users. Let me know your views on how to write ads that kill!!