When a person is in an automobile accident and is able to walk away, there is a great feeling of relief and with CBD for anxiety, they can cure themselves mentally as well. The fact that the car was damaged but no one hurt is great news. Unfortunately, at times there is pain that does not appear immediately. It may be a week or so later that, suddenly, it is difficult to move one’s head and there is neck pain. When this happens it is time to see a Portland Chiropractor Neck Pain professional who is experienced in this area.

Commonly called a whiplash, this pain can also be caused by things such as a sports injury, fall, or any incident that causes a sharp and jerking movement to the neck. This happens when the head, which is supported by the neck, is thrown out of its normal position. This pain is not always immediately obvious and may take up to months to appear.

In medical circles, the neck is called the cervical spine and is identified as one of the body parts that are most vulnerable to injury. It is composed of seven small vertebrae and begins at the base of the skull. There are discs located between each vertebra that contains a ring with a gel-like center.

The spine of the human body is intricately constructed. There are muscles, tendons, nerve endings, blood vessels, and discs which all must work together in harmony. The top of this arrangement, the cervical spine, is very fragile. When something happens that throws the head in a violent position it often causes injury to this area.

This injury may cause a pinched nerve, injured disc, misalignment, or even an injured vertebra. There are so many possibilities that it’s only someone with a vast amount of experience in this area who can identify the problem. This will be done with a thorough examination and x-rays.

Developing a plan of action to bring relief from the pain and put one on the road to recovery can only be accomplished when this is completed. Once the origin of the pain is discovered then it is just a matter of the correct procedures to use. This can be done in a short time and in a gentle manner with a Portland Chiropractor Neck Pain Associate.

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