The latest online trend is making money through the Internet. A site that has hit it big happens to be To be honest, I’m actually pretty attached to this site. They offer free offers to complete, daily surveys, paid e-mails, joining bonus, referrals, and the ability to play games.

Let’s start with the daily surveys. At your stay at InboxDollars, daily surveys will probably be the main source of your income. Like CashCrate and TreasureTrooper, InboxDollars uses the SurveyRouter technology to assign their daily surveys. This process includes inputting information like age, sex, race, and whatnot, and SurveyRouter searches its database for any surveys that you may be qualified for. While this is a great system, it causes problems when you become members of all three sites because the criteria can only return so many surveys before it runs out. It won’t be long until you’re having to prioritize your daily surveys.

Another great help is the bonus you get just for joining. In order to encourage people to join, the customer is given a free five dollars straight into the account. And in case you’re wondering, yes, InboxDollars actually does give you that five dollars. It truly is free money.

Another big way to earn money is reading the email that gets sent to your inbox. To be honest, I’m quite fond of the email they send to me. It’s only about two to three a week – it’s enough to pick up spare change, but not enough to make me want to throw my computer out the window because of spam. Another plus is that I’ve never received spam because of InboxDollars – they keep my email to themselves. Each email, on average, receives about three or four cents sent straight into my inbox. All I have to do is click on the graphic they send in my email which takes me to a page on InboxDollars. From there, I click on the link that says “Confirm Reading This Email” and the money is instantly placed into my account. Quite a simple system that doesn’t require too much effort.

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The offers leave something to be desired, though. For one, the offers to complete are separated into different categories. There’s “Cash Offers”, “Cash Games”, Cash Surveys”, and “Cash Search”. “Cash Offers”, also, is subdivided even farther into “All Offers”, “100% FREE Offers”, “Trial Offers” and “Survey Offers”.

I’ll start with the “Cash Offers” tab. “All Offers” just lists all of the offers, and they’re even sorted by interest, such as “Credit Cards”, “Gaming”, “Home Business”, among about ten other descriptions. Nothing special about that tab. “100% Free Offers” lists all the, well, free offers. Obviously. I’ve been a member at this site for six months, and there’s only two pages with twelve offers on each page. Although, unlike other survey sites, InboxDollars allows you to make money online by letting these free offers range from one dollar to four dollars in payment. The Trial Offers are just as few. Those pay from four dollars to fifteen dollars, though. The “Survey Offers” pay from anywhere between fifty cents to three dollars to sign up for other survey sites, such as LightSpeed Research or the ever-famous NPD Online Research Team’s site. There’s only two pages of these offers as well.

The “Cash Games” is a little bit of a lie, to be honest. Sure, you earn money from playing their games, but you have to spend money to earn it. If you spend money on another gaming site online, you might as well change your gaming center to here, though, because for every dollar you spend at their arcade, they return five cents into your account. The games include “Bejeweled 2”, “Scrabble Cubes”, “Big Money!”, “Solitaire Rush”, “Dynomite”, and many others. Playing on this Games site, though, requires you to set up an account, but that account will be conjoined to your InboxDollars account.

“Cash Shopping” is exactly how it seems. Unlike other sites, though, InboxDollars has an extremely high cash back rate of forty percent. Yeah, right. They advertise forty percent back on their front page, but all you have to do is look at the offers to see that the customer doesn’t receive forty percent cash back in the slightest. The cash back appears to vary from .5% to 15% on the stores. InboxDollars does, despite it’s downfalls, support quite a few different stores on this part of their site. Some of the stores that allow you to get cash back include Overstock, Apple Store, Delias, Alloy, Amazon, Catherines, CingularWireless, Crayola, eBooks, FootLocker, Hot Topic, KMart, Lenox, Liz Claiborne, Lucky Brand Jeans, Nike, PETCO (Where the pets go), PetsMart, Size Appeal, WalMart, among many other stores in their listing. I’d say there’s over a hundred and fifty stores that InboxDollars allows cash back on.

“Cash Search” is a pretty nifty feature. Twice a day, InboxDollars allows you to use their Search function (sponsored by Snap) to search the Internet. Each time you search (to a limit of twice a day) you receive two cents. It’s not much money, but after a week, those cents add up. Fourteen cents a week, a half-dollar per month. Five extra dollars per year that you didn’t have before for just a couple minutes of your time daily.

Another thing about InboxDollars that seems to “hook” people in is the fact that they claim that you receive five dollars per referral. That claim is true to an extent. If you read the fine print, you’ll realize that you, as the referrer, don’t receive anything until that referral reaches their first payout and receives payment.

That leads me to my next point of interest. Payout on InboxDollars happens to be thirty dollars. The only way to receive payment from InboxDollars is to receive a check. Checks, however, require a three dollar “shipping fee” and takes about two months for the check to “process” and reach your adress. The other way that InboxDollars allows payment is to order “Banner Impressions” or “Gold Membership”.

Gold Membership does the same thing that other “premium” accounts do at other websites. Gold Membership here allows for any unreferred member to become your own referral. When you consider how the referral system works, however, the seventeen dollars that Gold Membership costs in order to buy it isn’t worth it. You’ll probably never receive your money back because most of the referrals that are brought into the site probably won’t stay. I’d just save your money and make the ten more dollars that it would require to reach payout.

I’ve already received my first check of $27.35, but it took me about six months to earn the cash required for my first payout. I requested the check on May 18 and it was delivered to my house on July 9.

I recommend this site, but only to someone who doesn’t want their money in an instant form. If you’re just fine with only doing the daily surveys and waiting for the emails, then this is the site for you. They actually pay out, and it’s a nice chuck of change you didn’t happen to have before.