Undoubtedly, Rice is the widely consumed staple in Japan and it is the important food indeed in Japanese diet plan. It is the important crop that is harvest and grown excessively in Japan and hence every Japanese family is well aware about how to cook rice to perfection and to make the process easier Japanese Rice Cookers were introduced. You will be amazed to know that electric rice cookers have been in use since 1955 in Japan and it was first introduced in Japan by Toshiba. Still, Japan makes the best rice cookers in the world. 

There are many factors and features that make a Japanese Rice Cooker better than the other rice cookers that we traditionally use today. Some of the factors that make Japanese Rice Cooker better than the others are mentioned below. 

What the Factors That Make Japanese Rice Cooker Better?

Japan is the nation that is known for technological advancements across the world. Whether it is vending machine, trains or simply the toilet seats, technology in Japan is way advance than rest of the world. So, when it comes to rice cookers they excel in this area too. Japan makes one of the best rice cookers in the world and there are many reasons why Japanese Rice Cooker is the best than other countries. 

  • Advanced Technology –

The Japanese Rice Cookers are made with advanced technology and come with precise temperature adjustments that automatically set the temperature for perfect rice cooking

  • 3-Layered Metal Inner Cooking Pan –

The Japanese Rice Cooker comes with high quality 1.5mm thick inner plan that heats up to 265 Fahrenheit and can steam at the temperature of about 240 Fahrenheit. This kind of temperature ensures that each grain of rice is cooked in fluffy texture and tasty. 

  • Customer Cooking Timer –

Most of the Japanese Rice Cooker models create ultimate meal every day. Unlike other regular rice cookers, it comes with 2 preset cooking timers. So, you can set timer for rice cooking and ensure that it is fully cooked within the set timing. Timer in the cooker can be set to start rice cooking and you can set any time for the cooking of the staple. So, set the timer and get it ready when you wake up in the morning. 

  • Warm Time –

Unlike traditional cookers, the Japanese Rice Cooker comes with long warm time and hence it can keep the cooked rice warmer for longer time up to 12 hours. 

  • Computerized Menu and Settings –

There are different settings for specific meals and you can choose the options using the computerised menu settings. You can make rice sweeter or sticky using the menu settings available in the Japanese Rice Cooker. It comes with different functions and you can choose the functions depending upon to the type of meals and rice you want to cook.

So, considering all these factors, it is worth saying that the Japanese Rice Cooker is better than traditional rice cookers. To buy and learn more about the different types of Japanese Rice Cookers visit the website of https://cozyhousetoday.com/best-japanese-rice-cooker-reviews/