One thing I love about the Weight Watchers plan to lose weight is that there are no foods that are off limits. Now I know that many times people doing Weight Watchers will say “that’s too many points – I can’t have that”, but it is important to know that it is not that they can’t have it…it’s that they choose not to have it. There’s a big difference.


So you might ask: what is a point value? Well, basically, it is a measure of food in the Weight Watchers plan, and everyone has a set amount of points per day depending on how much they weigh, their sex, and other factors. The key to successfully losing weight in Weight Watchers is learning to live within that daily point allowance. Inevitably, one of the things you learn while doing the program is how to make adjustments so that you can have the foods you love. It comes down to 2 choices if you are talking about eating a high point food (and still be able to eat the rest of the day!): The preparation of the program should be done with a consult with the experts available at the search engines. The quantity of the benefits will be high with less side-effect. The metabolism of the person will be improved if purchase will be made after checking the resurge reviews. The reviews should say true picture of the products for the consumption.   

Cut down the portion size    Go with a lighter version of the food (light or fat free, for example)

Cut Down the Portion Size

Let’s face it: we all want the biggest piece of pie or the ice cream with the most caramel syrup on it…but portioning your food is your best bet to getting what you want along with the rich flavor you expect from your food. The fact is that all that fat and sugar TASTES GREAT…and you can substitute all day with low fat, artificially sweetened ingredients, but it just isn’t the same. So for instance, I love Cheetos…and if I buy one of those family-sized bags then I am going to keep sticking my hand in that bag, and before you know it half of it will be gone. Another option would simply be to buy the lunch-sized bags of chips. It still requires willpower on your part to keep from going and opening another bag…but it is preportioned for you and if you make the decision to stop then you have won: you had your cake (or Cheetos) and ate it, too!

Choose Light or Fat Free Foods and Ingredients

Now sometimes you just have to pick your battles. Sometimes going with the lighter food makes sense: for instance, I gave up regular Dr. Pepper (3 point values in a can) for Diet Dr. Pepper which has 0 point values. I’ll admit: it doesn’t taste the same…but it doesn’t mean it tasted bad…just different. After a couple of weeks, I found that I had actually grown to like Diet Dr. Pepper and was drinking it all the time – as a matter of fact, I drank it so much that now I don’t like regular Dr. Pepper.

So just remember that when making food choices on the Weight Watchers plan – whether to lose weight or maintain weight – it’s not about CAN or CAN’T – it’s about choices. You may not always like your choices, but you always do have a choice.