As industry experts watch for a Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO), the social networking site announced major revisions to its user interface that seem designed to boost advertising revenue and through advertisement positioning and the harvesting of more personal information from users of the site. However, if you are a Tiktok fan then you should definitely check out this link where you can Buy TikTok likes from here to become very famous.

A new look for Facebook

According to Investor’s Business Daily, a new user interface will gradually roll out on the Facebook site. During an appearance on the 60 Minutes news show on CBS, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new changes to Facebook in the days leading up to the update. Although many analysts expect that Facebook will soon offer an IPO, Zuckerberg stated that the retooling of the site is not an effort to build an additional value of a stock offering.

No IPO for now

Private companies often seek to go public when they reach a high level of popularity because of the influx of cash such a move represents. The money raised through an IPO can provide companies with the impetus needed to grow globally, expand into additional markets, or develop additional products. For the time being, however, Zuckerberg seems content with Facebook’s revenue stream. Also, onlookers might suggest that Facebook already has a global reach that hardly can be expanded in its present form.

It’s about money, stupid!

Although Zuckerberg has put a positive spin on the remodeling of his site, the motivation behind the changes appears to be strictly motivated by advertising revenue. By changing user profiles, strategically positioning advertisements, and emphasizing close relationships, Facebook is clearly building price support for its advertising through better placement and through the use of even more powerful data sets gleaned through the behavior of Facebook users.

Potential setbacks

By drastically modifying the way Facebook looks and feels, Zuckerberg risks alienating users on two fronts. Some users may potentially be turned off by the new interface, especially if they invested a lot of time and effort learning how to use Facebook in its present form. Users who do not want the burden of learning Facebook all over again may choose to abandon it.

Also, Facebook users may become disillusioned with the site’s overt monetization. Already, Facebook marketing has tainted the development of online relationships, so the additional infusion of advertising and the collection of even more private data may prove to be too much.

A good move for Facebook

Expect the new Facebook changes to have a little negative effect on Facebook use. Zuckerberg would not allow such drastic changes without having sufficient evidence to prove that it will boost the site’s bottom line. Oh yes, prepare for a smashing Facebook IPO success. Sooner or later it will come.