This entire quarantine got us all stuck at home. We can’t go out to see a movie, attend a concert, study in school, travel, play outdoor sport and we can’t even dine-in in our favorite restaurant. But staying at home is really the best that we can do to flatten the curve and to stay safe. It is a must that we self-quarantine. But instead of focusing on the very long list of things or activities that we can’t do, we should give more focus on the things that we can possibly do even in these trying times. Surely, there are a lot of things that your friends on social media suggest for you to do. From learning how to cook to reading books to doing some work out, there are plenty of options that you can do. But if you would like to try something different yet enjoying, you are in the right place. This article will go through an activity that you will certainly love especially if you are fond of making art such as paintings, drawings, sketches and others. This is when paint by numbers comes into the picture. This activity will unleash your creativity and art interests.

Paint by number picture is not just for kids. It is for everyone who loves painting. This DIY craft is one of the trending activities online. It is a great activity for everyone’s past time. Basically, painting by numbers is a system where a picture is divided into shapes and each shape is marked with a number that corresponds to a specific color. This is a good activity for those who are just starting to paint. It is easier and simpler to create a particular art using this kit. This art kit can be ordered online so with just a few click and check out, it will be delivered right to your doorstep. The kit includes sketched numbered canvass with corresponding brushes and paints. Also, you can choose from wide variety of  subject matter. Some of the common subjects are colorful balloon, FRIDA with flowers, large tigers, acrylic pigment-flying flower, DIY Pet kit and others.

While the process seem to be simple and easy, you still have to consider some essential tips when painting so you can be successful on it. You should be able to follow some basic rules of painting such as starting first with the darkest color and ending in the lightest ones. The kit contains some brushes that vary in size. You should use the small brush in small detail shapes and the big brushes for the big shapes. Most importantly, you should not splay out the hairs of the brush in an attempt to paint in an area faster. If you do this, you might just ruin the brush and destroy its tip. Patience is the key. Lastly, you should just apply a gentle pressure with your hands. This will provide you a creative and awesome output.