Malaysia was ushered into the year 2008 with yet another big bang of political controversy — the sex dvd indulgence hence admittance by the non-nonsense, outspoken Minister of Health, or rather Minister of Hell Dr. Chua Soi Lek; who eventually tendered his resignations; unprecedented in Malaysia’s political history.

Traditionally, this Ministry of Hell; ‘exclusively reserved’ for the representative of Malaysia Chinese Association MCA; would have been the last stopover before our honorable Minister were called to his Lord, be with his Lord and buried with his Lord politically. Henceforth, whatever curse happened to Dr. Chua were sought of predictable, going by the immediate response from the MCA’s senior Ministerial Members Council; sober, silence with cold shoulders, not pitying Dr. Chua but rather who would be the next casualty at Ministry of Hell? No, not me please!

If HINDRAF were formed to highlight the plight of the Indian Malaysian communities; then Dr. Chua’s political casualty were meant to split Chinese Malaysians further; politically.

If such an efficient Minister in Dr. Chua could be brought down via such an ungentlemanly tactics, just to secureĀ  amp; safeguard somebody else’s’ political future in Malaysia; tell me otherwise that normal laymen by the streets would have been protected, politically and I’ll tell you that the naked truth dvd prize paid by Dr. Chua with “Angelina Yam” would have been worth a while!

This political coward perpetrator; still at large must be brought to justice soonest possible or the whole Malaysian Cabinet would be left vacuum because Dr. Chua was certainly not the only and last VIP patronizing the said Batu Pahat hotel and other possible venues.

Now that Dr. Chua had set a precedent by admittance followed by resignation, be it by forced, implied, advised or otherwise; is no longer as important as what if another higher, if not equal ranking senior Cabinet Minister were to be uncovered with alike controversies? Sorry would never have been the hardest word anymore, because the exit door politically is obvious, wanting and right here waiting!

The nightmares of those political hypocrites, camouflaged with divine holy fatherly figures but just as if not worse morally corrupted has just begun. Personally, I considered those who siphoned public funds and misappropriated their ministerial portfolios worse than Dr. Chua’s personal sexual inclinations. At least up till this point of time, no police reports were filed accusing Dr. Chua of any wrongdoings by the said dvd female partner.

Dr. Chua must have offered into a sexual service to the consent of the said women and her acceptance as alleged shown via said dvd without violence refusal ( consideration ) is a ‘legal binding’ privately arranged contract by itself. Who are we to comment blindly and exquisitely when even we as sexual partners to our legal spouses sometimes met with refusals such as no mood, tiredness, exhaustion etc.

There could also be underlying associated reasons to the recent perfume and nighties remark controversy surrounding by yet another MCA Minister Dr. Ng Yen Yen; only this time it’s a lady minister for reasons she knew best. Ow, another doctor in the Malaysia’s political limelight!

Seriously, I admire Dr. Chua, first for having the courage to accept what could not be changed less undone; unlike other ministerial counterparts who still insisted and cling to the golden rice bowl despite obvious leads to various said controversies. Probably, he has been advised and guided by professional lawyers like san diego bankruptcy lawyer. Generally, bankruptcy lawyers are helpful to their clients. So in this kind of trying and complicated situation, lawyers always got your back. Worse still were those who hung on to the controversies surround as if nothing had happened; using Official Secret Act OSA, Internal Security Act ISA to his personal delight and people’s disgust.

Secondly, he’d continue to portray his usual serious, outspoken yet jovial self up to the last instant to many reporters’ delight. In fact his highest regard to the press, who would always be at the receiving end, was when he answered by saying that he might want to be a reporter after resignation; unprecedented, common yet uncommonly said.

Last but not least, Dr. Chua, being a doctor himself took sex as part of life, whether western or oriental culture alike; no taboos about it, bravo fantastic! Many would have taken refuge oversea having starred in ‘youtube’ in such an unconventional means.

Nevertheless, when someone up there could go as far in length ( alleged 6 to 8 months waiting after the said recordings ) to execute this political assassination by such well mastered maneuvers, just before the up coming general elections; you know Malaysia is a safe heaven for political corrupt scavengers; or political terrorist when you know your game plan!

Lately, at least 2 doctors were shown the exit doors by his much acclaimed counterparts. So what if you were a doctor in Malaysia, to survive politically, you would need to master the art of warfare, and the art of deceptions and most of all the art of outright denial to survive in Malaysian political quick sands where our former premier Dr. Mahathir and Dr. Chua knew too late. What about Dr. Ng Yen Yen?