If you have any social media setup for your business, it is vital to update your social pages frequently. Social media is about connecting with people. Much like a relationship in the physical world, an online relationship requires ongoing nurturing to build trust, rapport and a strong bond. Therefore, you must engage your followers in a regular conversation to be successful. Remember, social media is about building a relationship not about selling. Once relationships are built, increased sales will happen.

Is This How You Do Social Media In Your Business?

Create at least 30 pieces of social media for each social profile each month. Post your content every few hours throughout the business day. All this while you find time to run your business day to day. Repeat next month and so on…

Just think – all your time used to create the content and to post it every day could have been used to serve a customer, getting a referral or even finding new ways to add value to your product or service.

If this doesn’t sound like the most effective use of your time, let Singapore Social Media Marketing manage everything for you so you can be free to do what you do best – run your business.

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Will You Lose Control Over What Gets Posted?

We understand that your social media is representative of your business. When you let our agency manage your social profiles, you want peace of mind at all times that the message we’re putting out on your behalf is in line with your business. People should not lose the control over the account while promoting through social media platform. While buying followers from the reputed sites, some essential thing about control is considered to have more profits and benefits. The selection of the site is made with the intelligence and skills to have the best outcomes for the platform. The services will meet with the requirement of the business people. 

All our social media promotion packages provide you access to a social media customized control panel that allows you to monitor and maintain control over what is being posted. Your social content is scheduled for posting 5 days in advance and is available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience through our easy-to-use client control panel. View our demo here to see for yourself: 


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  • It Generates Traffic to Your Website According to research by Social Media Examiner, 75% of online marketers found that social media marketing was beneficial as it increased traffic to their websites. While having a ton of social media followers may make you look like a hero, having effective marketing campaigns that drives qualified traffic to your business website and in turn sales is where the rubber meets the road. A business with a loyal social following creates a valuable asset because these followers know you, trust you and will more likely do business with you.
  • It Builds Your Brand In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it is crucial to create a perceivable difference in your business from your competitors. If you look like your competitor’s business, you’re not going to have much of a marketing advantage. When you keep your target audience instantly updated on anything new, it makes you more trustworthy because you appear more open to communicating. Social media helps you sculpt a favorable view of your business that increases your company brand’s worth. This improved brand equity means more dollars down the road.
  • It Improves Public Relations While press release marketing has its place for businesses, social media has the advantage in that it allows your business to share information with the public in real time. Think about how some news have been picked up and spread like wildfire within the hour. Posting good, relevant content and news on a regular basis keeps your business in the top of the minds of your current and future customers. You’ll never be out-of-sight, out-of-mind again with a good social media campaign.

Regardless of the size of your business, there are benefits to be had by being active in the social media world. Whether you are a real estate agent, dentist, cosmetic surgeon, or even if you are in a very niche service, you can leverage the power of social media to connect with your existing and potential customers.

Michael Sinkin is a New York dentist who uses Twitter to engage his current and potential clients. His goal is to educate his audience through fun and informative articles. He’s developed quite a following through his strategy as a result.

Burger Revolution is a joint that operates out of Ontario Canada. Their social media tactics for more business are simple yet effective. Imagine keeping fans informed on the number of remaining burgers for the day. Would that make you rush down there to grab one if you have a craving for burgers? Likely so.

Another technique they use to engage their base is through the posting of a favorite “comment of the day” which is a picture taken of a user’s comment. This lets their fans know the business cares about them.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, don’t wait any longer. Every minute that passes means your competitor is taking your customers from you!