It’s certainly a horrible situation to be in, “You’re still in love with your ex, but they aren’t interested anymore”. How do you cope from day to day or even go about reigniting the love you once shared with your now ex partner?

You definitely need to sit down and think seriously about your relationship, not only it’s current bad state, but how it was right before the breakup actually happened. Was there anything at all that you could have done to stop the ending of your relationship or, at least, changed the outcome?

Now is the ideal time to figure this out, not only for your own peace of mind, but also, to perhaps begin re-establishing your relationship with your ex. You have to start somewhere if you want to get back with your ex lover.

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Some possible starting points to get things going:

First, you need to work out as best you can why your ex is avoiding you. If the feelings and emotions are still running high following the breakup, then clearly it’s wise to back-off a bit and give your ex-partner time to cool down.

If your ex is not willing to see you for some specific reason, then it’s to your advantage to try and figure out what it is. Get to the crux of the matter! If it’s too difficult to find out what the problem is on your own, you may want to ask any mutual friends so you can get some insight about the relationship issue that’s causing trouble.

Also, they may have ideas or several useful suggestions to help restore some balance between you and your ex. It’s often the case that people looking in from the outside a relationship can see problems far easier than those who are directly involved. And, it never hurts to ask, you might be surprised by the response!

You’re still in love with with your ex. How can you rekindle your romance even though they’re not interested? Here’s some first-hand practical advice.

Even after a bitter break up, I was still very much in love with my girlfriend. But my ex wasn’t the least bit keen on getting back together with me or even prepared to discuss what went wrong. I figured that I had two obvious options open to me:

  • I could just give up and walk away. What was the point of beating my head against a brick wall? It was a no-win situation; my girlfriend doesn’t want me back.
  • I could do everything possible to try to rekindle our relationship. Whatever happened, if I did this and failed to win her back, at least I’d have no regrets or “what if’s” or “maybe I should have’s” to lament.

I took the second option! And here’s a short summary of what I did.

* First, I cut off all communication with my ex. I didn’t call, text or try to see her face-to-face. Figuring that she was in a highly emotional state, just like me, I thought it was better to stay away from her and let things calm down for a while. This also helped with what I mentioned earlier about taking the time to reflect on what had happened to our relationship.

* Next, hiding the fact that I was still in love with her, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I made the initial contact and asked if we could meet for coffee or something. I made a point of keeping our ‘get together’ light, non-threatening and jovial. However, I did make it obvious that I’d like to be friends and see each other now and again with no commitment whatsoever.

* After a period of time of “dating” like this and picking up on little signals that we perhaps could re-establish a romantic relationship, I made it clear to her that I was still in love with her and would like to get back together. We both decided that if this was going to happen, then we needed to discuss what went wrong in the past. (Exactly what I’d wanted all along!) However, my girlfriend and I realized that it would take time and patience to repair our relationship.

Yep, you probably guessed it, my girlfriend and I are a couple once again and our love is stronger than ever. But it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight; you’ve got to work at it.

So, if you’re still in love with your ex and you want him or her back, even if it seems like a lost cause, don’t give up. By putting in the effort required to repair your relationship and having a solid plan of action, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.