When travelling, music has always been part of our adventure. It makes us relaxed, appreciate the beauty of nature and inspired to learn new cultures, meet new people and discover a whole new world. To bring music to our life during our trip, we usually bring musical instrumentys. One of those is a handpan or also known as steel tongue drums. This instrument is considered as a perfect match scales for every trip and adventure that we have. Hence, pack your bags and get ready for an amazing adventure. Here are some of the best handpans for your trip:

If you are in a Bali tropical retreat where there are breath taking beaches, long walks around tropical forests and calming yoga sessions among the fields of gold, then there is no denying that in this kind of haven, playing a handpan drum is absolutely perfect. According to experts, Bali is the perfect place to travel and RAV will be a must accompaniment in this trip. Looking for the right kind of drum for this kind of trip will be easier. You can choose the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast, this handpan is perfect for the calming and peaceful vibe of the place. You may also consider choosing G Minor Pentatonic that produces some kind of Japanese vibes with its soothing sound. These handpans are also perfect for yoga sessions and meditation.

If you are in a spectacular place like Santorini with azure blue roofs, snow white balls, small meandering streets and clear blue ocean with shining sun, it is also great an fun to play handpan in this colorful cultural place. For this kind of vibe, RAV Vast drum is certainly appropriate. You may consider scales chameleons like the B RUS and A integral. This will allow you to change the key easily from major to minor and vice versa. While A integral scale can be tricky, it can certainly produce you to have an instrument that can easily change the music mood.

RAV drums like E low Pygmy RAV Vast and the F Pygmy RAV Pan are the best instrument to play if you are in Iceland. With its sober and impregnable beauty, the sound of your Pygmy RAV will certainly blend in the deserted and gloomy Icelandic environment. This instrument produces tiniest sound.  This instrument is also considered as a good quality Hang or Hand Pan

Ig you want to try busking in Manhattan island where you can hear different genre of music everywhere, you may choose the solo scale with an intensive sound to beat the street noise. This option is the E low Pygmy RAV Vast. It offers the longest sustain and it creates a loud vibrating sound that makes it perfect for busking and in you would like to practice street playing. This is considered as one of the best handpans that you can buy in the market because it can be used in wide variety of music genres.

Overall, our trip and adventure become more spectacular if we have the right music to play on. While we have our modern devices where we can instantly and easily play any music or songs that we prefer, the vibe and rhythm brought by natural instruments are still something unique and refreshing. Handspans are one of the best instruments to bring in any trip. They are also very easy to carry making them ideal both for short and long adventures. So what are you waiting for? If you have your next trip or adventure planned ahead of time, go now and choose your ahndpan.