Travel and stress are a potent combination; juggling flight schedules, appointments, luggage, and communications can take its toll on the mind and body. Chances are high that a stress-filled situation can only get worse when time is pressing and people just can’t seem to move! Today’s bustling airports, particularly in the major cities, are a great example of human energy fizzling in a multitude of directions. Delays, frustrations, and setbacks can easily create a tense and uncomfortable experience for many passengers. As in almost all tense situations, it’s essential to remain cool, calm, and collected; and just breathe!

Airports are offering new amenities at many locations to not only reduce passenger stress, but also pamper their visitor akin to today’s high-end hotels. Some offer fresh oxygen for that much-needed brain boost; the O2raOxygen has been offered at the world’s first oxygen spa in Calgary, Canada. The oxygen intake process provides a 15 minute respite to easily cure the ailments of a muddled head. Aromatherapy is a similar service, and some airports offer aromatherapy infusion sprays for instant relief. The dermatologist columbia, sc suggest people to get cosmetic treatment with skin care available at medical spas. The services will be provided at the Airport for convenience in traveling to other place. The charges for laser hair removal will be less when compared to other spas. Proper survey can be done to know about the available benefits. 

If you’re not looking for a quick fix, a more effective choice may be a complete service, or ‘mini’ version of your favorite. A more hands-on approach creates a menu of offerings in the traditional chair massage, a simple head or neck massage, and even luxurious spa services of facials and manicures. Getting primped and de-stressing before your next meeting or event isn’t just for women; many men are finding the benefits of a 15-minute chair massage to be of great benefit.

The following major airports offer unique services for today’s weary traveler:

Enjoy the Backrub Hub at Chicago O’Hare International Airport where massages are conducted along the gates of the major airlines. The Backrub Hub is found on Terminal 3, and is open from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

If you are looking for a prime oxygen treatment, take part in a facial or complete massage session at the OraOxygen spa at Detroit International Airport. Located ust outside Gate A45, this full-service spa is equipped with showers and pedicure stations.

Denver International Aiprot offers two locations for its spa services by the company A Massage, Inc. Additional salon services are also available, making it a great getaway to ameliorate any flight havoc and disruptions.

Destination Relax has an attractive sound to it, especially if you’re flying at Washington International Airport. Simple services include just a basic hand or foot rub and are a great opportunity to enjoy some time away from home.

Oasis Day Spa at JFK International Airport is a top-choice for New York travelers that take part in ‘express’ services. These miniature versions of the complete service are a great between-flight activity, and perfect for the busy passenger.

Draining travel-related stress can be simple and easy with an airport fatigue-buster available at many of today’s major airports. Travelers can now take their time to enjoy the amenities and benefits of airports that accommodate visitors with finer restaurants, spas, and terminal-based chair massages.