Why is it that so many people seem to want nothing more than to lose weight, have tried hundreds of different ways to do so, and yet, despite having all of the desire to do so in the world, seem to fail time and time again…either giving up after only a few short weeks, maybe even days, or have success to only gain all of the weight back, plus some? This is a question that so many have asked, and yet no one seems to be able to answer. Perhaps you are the person who says tomorrow you will start your diet..but tomorrow turns in tomorrow and then next month and suddenly you realize its been years that you have vowed to lose weight and never have. What does this lead to and what damaging effects can be a chronic dieter have? What is the true weight loss miracle? Pills? Creams? Counting? Purging? Doctors? Hypnotists? Extreme work out plans? Surgery? If you have been one of the millions to ask yourself why it is that despite wanting nothing more in the world to lose weight, you can’t seem to succeed long term, then this article was made for you.

Subjecting ourselves to chronic dieting ultimately does nothing more than leaving detrimental effects on your self-confidence and self-esteem, which for many in turn causes us to only eat more although, you have leptoconnect that can help you in maintaining your diet plan. We all know what happens when we try and yet don’t lose the weight…the self-blame, self-hatred, and the disappointment and criticism for having no “will power” kicks in. But I believe that the key to lasting weight loss really has nothing to do with you lacking will power at all.

I believe that the true key to weight loss is very simple and yet the hardest thing of all…honesty. It’s not a lack of willpower that so often prevents one from reaching their weight loss goals, but rather, lack of total honesty with oneself. If you have tried many times to get started on a weight loss program, but yet find yourself binging at 2 am and raiding the fridge, and let you know you are not actually hungry…then maybe you really are not ready to start, and perhaps that is why you can never seem to make it past week one. Sounds crazy right? You are sitting there saying, “Of course not, I want to lose the weight, I have been trying desperately, it’s the one thing in the world I want more than anything-so what do you mean I don’t really want to?” Again-Honesty. If it is not hunger driving you to eat, then what is it? That is where the real honesty comes into play. That is the missing piece to the puzzle and the key ingredient in the recipe for success. When it’s not a hunger problem, it’s a deeper issue, and until that is explored until you can make peace with it…you aren’t ready, and if you aren’t ready and are subconsciously not realizing that, you are going to fail time and time again, blaming it on “horrible will power”, when in fact, it has nothing to do with your will power at all.

There are many hidden subconscious reasons that prevent people from losing weight, and until one can honestly look at their lives and become aware of it, change can not happen, at least lasting change. Some people know what it is, perhaps a very traumatic event that they have suffered at some time in their life, others have fears of rejection, low self-esteem, or feel unworthy or scared of truly changing. For me, it was a fear of failure. A fear of, “What if I truly try and yet I can not do it?”, and a fear of, “Will people treat me differently, will people start or stop loving me based on my weight and not for who I am”, and my biggest fear, “I have spent years telling myself that if only I were a perfect weight, everything in my life would fall into place. I would have respect, love, friends, a perfect career. But if I lost the weight, and someone rejected me, then what could I blame it on…if I couldn’t rationalize that, “well they just didn’t hire you because they hired a skinny girl, or well he didn’t call just because you weren’t skinny…then what would I blame it on….?” Many use the fat for protection of some form, without even realizing it. Protection from being hurt, life not getting better, rejection, failure, and so many other reasons.

If you want to lose the weight once and for all-be honest. Be honest about why you are even trying to lose weight. Is to get an ex back, be able to wear a two-piece to fit in with your friends, or is it true for you? If it is not for you…then you are going to be doing this because of pressure, not because you want this for you. And if it is not for you, you may lose weight short term, but you will never be able to keep it up. It must be for you because you have decided and made the choice that you want to live your life differently. That you want to make a change and feel better and feel healthy. You must be the one to wake up in the morning and say, ” I am doing this for me…not for my parents, kids, boyfriend\girlfriend, team because I know and believe in myself and believe that I am worthy of taking care of myself and treating myself better.”

Until you can be honest with your self and explore the reasons why you are perhaps self-sabotaging yourself without really understanding it, the diet after diet, the starting on Monday, will never stop. Once you realize what is really behind your failure, which is not a lack of will power, you can then deal with and process those emotions. And once that happens…you are ready, and you are ready with a brand new sense of self-awareness and self-honesty that will serve you well on your weight loss journey. It is amazing how your other relationships will change as well once you start to develop a much healthier relationship with the most important person of all, and the longest lasting one you will ever have yourself.