The majority of Americans want to quit smoking for all of the wrong reasons: increasing costs of cigarettes, teeth and nail staining, and sometimes even due to the growing social stigma. Sadly, many of us simply fail to consider the endless health complications and risks that we are basically inviting by continuing to smoke.

Surprisingly, the fear of impending nicotine withdrawal is not the most common fear when quitting smoking. Most smokers expect to gain excess weight caused by nervous or bored eating due to hand and/or mouth fixation. Some tips should be followed through the person to avoid weight loss or gain with the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Fresh Menthol E-Liquid. The reviews of the products will be excellent at online search engines and avoidance of the harmful effects will be done. The fixation of the mouth will be proper and excellent with the products. 

Quit smoking

After nearly eight solid years of thirty to fifty cigarettes per day, I have successfully quit smoking cold turkey and avoided bored eating and unwanted weight gain by sticking to a strict list of guide lines that I created for myself:

Chew gum. Yes, this probably sounds very cliche, amidst the never-ending brands of nicotine gum and patches. But chewing gum will keep your mouth busy and burn a surprisingly amount of calories per day. And while you’re at it, why not buy a sugar free teeth whitening gum? Popular products such as Orbit’s Sugarless Teeth Whitening Fruit Sorbet contain no harmful sugars and taste just as fruity and delicious as your favorite brands while keeping your mouth busy and whitening your nicotine-stained teeth.

Increase your water intake. As we all know, eight eight ounce glasses of water per day is the recommended amount of daily fluid intake. Increasing your water intake keeps your fragile nicotine-free body hydrated during the initial withdrawal period and thus keeps you fuller throughout the day.

Maintain your regular eating habits. Yes, this can be much easier said than done. The best way to actually follow this rule is to keep a journal with dates of your eating habits for one to two weeks before you attempt to quit smoking. Now once you have quit, continue to journal your eating habits. This way, you can easily look back at your eating habits before quitting smoking, thus comparing what you are doing different without cigarettes and what exactly is causing your weight gain.

Buy a stress ball. Stress balls may seem very 1980’s, but keeping your hands busy throughout the day is absolutely necessary in reducing your chances of eating out of nervousness and/or boredom. It is best to keep a stress ball at your work space, favorite room in your home, and areas of your home in which you usually smoked.

Quitting smoking is a stressful enough experience in itself. Stress and anxiety caused by the fear of unwanted weight gain only adds to the ever-present discomfort. Don’t let vanity deter you from giving up the cigarettes because in the long run, you will be much more healthier and happier.