One of the best ways to achieve your goals is by breaking them down into small pieces, and taking advantage of digital technology shortcuts to track your progress towards success.

To get you time management on track and start hitting your goals you will preferably need a PDA, a cellular phone, a personal email account and most importantly the desire to get you life organized.

If you go around telling others how you want to participate in a marathon, write a suspense book, or land a better job, you can’t stop at saying it. You must ask yourself; what am I actually doing to achieve this? Set goal and stick to it. Remember that there is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Writing down your goals, your timeline and your deadline to finish the project in your PDA instead of a journal or a piece of paper is more efficient because you have easier access to it when you want to revise it, check on your progress or even if you want to share it with family or friends.

Focus on identifying the smaller tasks that need to be completed. Larges goals are much more manageable and achievable when you split it into a list of smaller goals.

Whenever you’re setting a goal you must be realistic about the way you are planning to achieve it, and also give yourself a feasible amount of time to complete it. Don’t get to eager it is understandable to want to see results immediately but that type of mindset will only overload your mind and will end up causing stress and making you anxious.

Set priorities on any task you will work on. Make a list with the tasks at hand in an orderly manner and indicating which tasks require more attention or are urgent to finish in order, to guarantee the progress of the main goal. Every time you complete a task, check your list to see if you need to re-assign the order of what’s left to do.

Use your PDA to schedule your tasks, set them up by times, dates, and priorities to as many tasks as you can. Use the reminder feature to know what you need to be working on in advance, this way you’ll know what to look forward to and you can prepare for it.

For monthly recurring tasks like paying bills, sign up online for automatic payment so you don’t have to worry about it. Use mobile banking to save time by avoiding trips to your local bank. For any other repeating errands or appointments, also set reminders on your PDA.

Don’t be proud or afraid to ask or look for help. If you have a career goal, consider finishing your education with online classes, this way you can do your readings and homework when it is convenient for you.

In fact, some classes provide students with videos that can downloaded to PDA’s or MP3 players so you can watch them whenever you’re free and ready to pay attention.

Put yourself on the spot by sending emails to your friends and family telling them about your goals. Exposing any given goals will not only put the pressure to achieve it, so when asked you can say “I’m done” but it can also open up opportunities.

Finally, just like if you treat yourself to a nice piece of cake while on a rigid diet, treat yourself each time you accomplish a task, take a break and why not, reward yourself. Giving yourself a small present and enjoying it on some free time is the best way to let yourself know that: You did it!

The aforementioned points are the better known ones as you can add many of your own as well and for more help you can visit the website According to and it will give you relevant information if you don’t know about how and where to start.