Do you remember the first time someone gave you a mix? Perhaps it was a tape stuck in your locker one Valentine’s day, a CD given to you by a first boyfriend or girlfriend, or an mp3 list of “your” songs that a spouse made. Whatever the case, you must remember the thrill that comes with receiving a music mix. The idea of discovering new songs, and, perhaps more importantly, the thought that someone cared enough to pick out these songs with you in mind and give them you. Music is one of the strongest mediums for verbalizing love, and even if you aren’t a musician yourself, a mix lets you give someone the emotion that music carries!

Listen to each and every song, and only use songs you actually know. This may seem like common sense, but many of us will assume we know all the words to a song we’ve had forever, or that something we heard on the radio once and liked the chorus of might be a good choice. Don’t add a song to your mix without listening to all the lyrics first–you wouldn’t want to add what you thought was a love song, and find out later that it had a line about breaking up! For the enjoyment of playbeatz headphones, the hearing of the songs will be advantageous. The choice of the person will be excellent for enjoying of the music. The medium will be strongest to derive the benefit to the person. There will be automatic adding to the songs in the headphones and earphones. 

Think strongly about what you want to say. Is this for someone you haven’t been dating that long, but are really happy with? Than pick songs about getting to know someone, or someone catching your eye. Have you been together for a long time? Choose songs with deep emotion, songs that really say I love you. You can even go further and bring up new ideas with your mix. Have you been thinking about popping the question? Use songs that hint at that.

Order can matter. Don’t just throw the songs together. Think about how you can mesh them to make a mix with a nice variety of mood and speed–fast and slow, upbeat and serious. You can even tell a story with the songs. Try musically charting the path of your relationship. Start with new love songs, or songs you used to listen to together when you first started dating, and move on to songs about more intimate emotions.

Present it well. If you lucky enough to live close to your date, have it playing in the house or car when you meet up with him or her. If you are sending it, write out a song list and a sweet note to go with it. If you are feeling creative, decorate the CD case!

With these tips, you should be filling your sweetheart’s ears with love songs in no time!