Are you down with poor Wi-Fi signal at your place? Well, it’s about time to invest in a good Wi-Fi booster this time for uninterrupted and broader signal broadband coverage. Now, there is no dearth of Wi-Fi boosters in the market but not all would be equally great for you. So, it’s best to check out the reviews of multiple boosters before you make the final investment. The post below offers a brief on topmost Wi-Fi boosters for you this year.

Netgear Nighthawk X6S

Equipped with 6 powerful antennas, the Nighthawk guarantees excellent Wi-Fi signal as well as near-blanket coverage. The tri-band booster deploys one band for communication with router which eliminates competition between other two. As per Netgear, this EX8000 extender won’t affect the existent speed pf user’s router and rather assure way superior speed. The device carries 4 ethernet ports so that users can hook up multiple devices to wired connection. Yes, the bulky size of the booster could be intimidating initially but its brilliant performance outweighs these minor issues with élan.

Super Boost

The super boost wifi booster assures a stronger and amplified Wi-Fi coverage across your entire premise. Whether you want a booster for home or office, this Super Boost device promises 100% satisfaction guarantee. One of the best aspects of the device is its universal adaptability. In other words, the booster is compatible with any sort of Wi-Fi router. Last but not the least, the booster is a breeze to install.

Linksys Max Stream AC1900

This is another great Wi-Fi booster which assures a wide coverage area. This feature-rich booster is backed by almost all the key features you would want in a modern Wi-Fi booster in 2020. To start with, the booster covers a sprawling area of around 10,000 sq.ft. Then, it comes with dual-band booster packed with advanced AC1900 speed. Another interesting feature of the booster is certainly its classy sleek design which makes it a nice aesthetic addition to your room.

D-Link DAP-1520

The D-Link booster will be a fine option if you want a quality booster without spending a small fortune. A budget-friendly booster, the D-Link device id also known for its superior performance. Also, it’s simple to install and operate. All you will need to do here is to plug in the device and press a button to start the whole process in just seconds. The booster works in tandem with an app that helps you with remote monitoring of network traffic from anywhere.

TP-Link RE220

The list would be incomplete without the mention of the TP-link booster.

This is another affordable option that also promises great performance. The RE200 model has already rave reviews for TP-Link and the 220 is its more advanced sibling. The device carries one Ethernet port and three antennas to ensure powerful signal boost. It works with a cloud-based application support that helps with convenient setup as well as configuration. Besides, much to the convenience of users, the booster is adaptable to all kinds of routers.

So, which one are you going to pick for your premise?