Valentine’s Day is the lover’s holiday that is very special the first time around. Those in a newer relationship looking to make the first Valentine’s Day a memorable one may have no idea what gift to get their significant other. For men especially it can be hard to find a romantic gift without it being too sappy or too girly. These are the top four Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

One great gift for men on Valentine’s Day is a watch with an inscription on the back. This is not a gift that will be overtly sappy or girly and it will be very meaningful. The lucky man will be reminded of this first Valentine’s Day every time that he looks down at his wrist to check his watch. This is also a very customizable gift that women can choose according to his particular tastes and preferences. Having something meaningful printed on the back that will make him smile every time he uses it. This is a gift that he will truly enjoy and have use for all year.

Another wonderful gift for men on Valentine’s Day is a key chain, necklace or bracelet that is a heart that breaks in half and the woman can keep the other half. When they are put together they will make one heart. Every time he sees it he will be reminded of the woman who keeps the other half of his heart. Also, names and dates can be printed on the halves of the heart which can make it even more meaningful. Depending on what the man uses different half heart objects can be purchased online and personalized online as well. Sometimes things like this can be purchased at malls.

You can also give them the best minimalist wallet. While wallets may seem to be a common gift, there are new items in the market with modern styles and designs. Most of them do not come very bulky. They are minimalists made and they seem very elegant.

The next great gift for men this Valentine’s Day is cologne. Lots of men enjoy nice smelling cologne and having high end cologne. There are tons of brands to choose from and many men have preferential brands. This will be an exciting gift that the man will be able to use all the time. This will be something that he enjoys and that the woman will enjoy because they can pick out a nice scent for him and when she hugs him she will be able to take that gorgeous scent in every time.

The last gift for men on Valentine’s Day that they will absolutely adore is a piece of memorabilia or an autograph from a favorite movie or movie star. This will be something that he will treasure and remember always. Women will be stunned by the look of shock and excitement on his face when he opens the gift and sees that it is a prized collectible from a favorite star. This could even be an autograph from a favorite sports player.