Here are a lot of real reasons why we all should be drinking a lot more water than we do. After researching the American Medical Association website, I am amazed at what I discovered. The benefits of consuming an adequate amount of water do not get the attention they deserve. Water is the very best health food out there, but most of us do not drink nearly enough of it. Here are a lot of very informative facts that will give all of us a reason to pay more attention to our water consumption.

Some simple facts about the human body:

The human body is 66% water

Your brain is 74% water

Your muscles are 75% water

Your blood is 83% water

Your bones are 22% water

These facts will help us understand that since our body consists of such a high percentage of water then we should replenish it with a fresh supply on a regular basis. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses per day, everyday, is recommended by the AMA.

The majority of the population walks around on a daily basis in some degree of dehydration. This dehydration causes thicker blood, which makes your heart work harder. This causes your body to become fatigued and stressed, and certainly decreases your brain activity. Your aching back and joints may be telling you something as well. A lot of people just attribute these feelings to a long hard day without realizing that increased water intake could make a big difference.

The first thing you should do every morning is to drink at least one glass of water to start your day off properly. Here are several of the benefits from increased water intake of which most of us are unaware. Water is the primary factor in food digestion and vitamin/nutrient absorption. It detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and removes waste from the body. Water keeps your joints lubricated, and eight glasses a day may significantly decrease your back aches as well. Water is one of the very best appetite suppressants available, so it is a very good diet enabler. Sometimes you are actually thirsty when you think you are hungry and drinking a glass of water will satisfy your craving.

Caffeine contributes to dehydration, so drink more water to compensate for the loss if you are a heavy coffee or soda drinker. A glass of ice water is much better for you than a soda anyway, and far less expensive.

Do yourself a lot of good by drinking more water:

-Improve your energy as well as your physical performance.

-Boost your mental abilities and alertness, including short term memory and concentration.

-Reduce your daily fatigue.

-Reduce your headaches and body stiffness, lessen back pain

-Improve your vision and eyesight.

-Have healthier skin and hair.

-Reduce the workload on your heart and make it stronger.

-Strengthen your immune system, and recover faster from illnesses.

-Improve your entire digestive system.

Drink more water, and you will feel and look better all day long for the rest of your life. Eight glasses of water a day is all it takes.

In conclusion, water is the very lifeline of our life and it is impossible for any living being to exist without it and its significance can be gauged from the fact that 70% of the body is made from water so make it a point to include natural mineral and spring waters into your daily lifestyle and never limit both to consumption. 

Thanks for reading