If you are thinking of a career as a web designer, you are probably wondering how to get that perfect job or you might be just hammering away at your computer to be as creative as you possibly can to be a designer. Today jobs are much more competitive than it was back in the 1990s and in many ways more scarce due to the economy, so it helps to have that extra edge that might land you a job as a web designer. I was in the industry for over ten years and now just dabble in computer graphics and web design, as freelance writing has now become my primary interest.

Without sounding too technical for the average reader, let me offer a bit of what it took me to get started as a web designer. I started working professionally as a web designer just a few years after the introduction of HTML 2.0 in 1995. I took a number of graphic art and web design classes and spent hours upon hours of studying to understand the programming languages HTML, the many variations of JAVA, in addition to becoming proficient as well as familiarizing myself in the various associated graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, in addition to publishing software such as PageMaker and Quark Express. All of those pieces of software I just mentioned have all been upgraded several times over since then.

Yet what really seems to separate the prospective job seekers in the web design industry between the hired and the not hired is not necessarily having a degree in graphic art but in how much talent, vision, effort and understanding of web design you have. Certainly having a degree helps but if you can prove your worth to a prospective employer, it isn’t required. It is also extremely important to be accurate in your work. If you decide to do freelance work as many designers are now doing, it is important to advertise yourself, use social networking, and have a portfolio that will draw customers to your website. Clients like nothing worse than someone who composes sloppy work for their investment. It is also better to check on some website designs like the web design in Mumbai to help you get more ideas on how you can build a reliable and high quality design. Getting insights from the experts is one of the best ways to make things possible for you. With this,  you will be able to land more clients.

There are a lot of great new software tools are your disposal today and you should be fluent in a number of them. Among the tools I recommend become familiar with if you haven’t already done so are are your basic HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, Ultimate Web Builder and perhaps most important of all: WordPress, which is widely used in the industry. It is also very important to be on top of all the new trends that are arising in the web design industry.

So take the initiative to become very well versed in the work that you do. Skilled web designers can make a very comfortable salary and best of all; you are able to create wonderful work that you can be very proud of.